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      • The phonological system of Old Spanish was quite similar to that of other medieval Romance languages . Among the consonants, there were seven sibilants, including three sets of voiceless / voiced pairs:
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    The poem Cantar de Mio Cid ('The Poem of the Cid'), published around 1200, remains the best known and most extensive work of literature in Old Spanish. Contents 1 Phonology 1.1 Sibilants 1.2 Bilabial consonants 1.2.1 Voiced 1.2.2 Voiceless 1.3 ch 1.4 Palatal nasal 2 Spelling 2.1 Greek digraphs 2.2 Word-initial Y to I 2.3 i/j, u/v 3 Morphology

  3. This means that in the early 16th century Andalucian Spanish retained essentially the Old Spanish six-sibilant system. However, during the 16th century, the distinction between the dental and alveolar sibilants was lost. This merger was realized in two ways.

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  4. out by Amado Alonso,13 there exists strong evidence in favor of [dž] everywhere. Even if the arguments derived by the same author from his examination of Spanish-Arabic correspondences should fail to convince us,14 the [dž] of Judeo-Spanish in such words as general, ángel , vergel 16 would afford clear support for the assumption of an affricate

  5. LING 150, Historical Linguistics Spring 2013, Moore 1 The Development of Spanish Sibilants 1. Old Spanish (1) phoneme orthography examples dentals voiceless /t̪s̪/ > /s̪/ c, ç decir /det̪̪s̪ir/ > /des̪ir/ ‘descend’

  6. 4.8 Latin f- to Spanish h- to null 4.9 Silent Latin h- 4.10 Modern development of the Old Spanish sibilants 4.11 Interchange of the liquids /l/ and /r/ 4.12 Yeísmo 5 See also 6 References 7 Sources 8 External links Main distinguishing features [ edit]

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