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  1. Indie rock - Wikipedia

    Indie rock is a genre of rock music that originated in the United States and United Kingdom in the 1970s. Originally used to describe independent record labels, the term became associated with the music they produced and was initially used interchangeably with alternative rock or "guitar pop rock".

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    This is a list of notable indie rock artists. Individual musicians are listed alphabetically by their last name. Individual musicians are listed alphabetically by their last name. This is a dynamic list and may never be able to satisfy particular standards for completeness.

  3. Indie rock is a subgenre of alternative rock music which originated in the United Kingdom and North America in the early 1980s. Initially a form of independent music, it was based on small labels with low budgets which produced lo-fi rock records. Indie rock, as a genre, is very diverse; indie rock has several subgenres, and each vary greatly ...

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  5. Independent music - Wikipedia

    The term indie is sometimes used to describe a genre (such as indie rock and indie pop), and as a genre term, "indie" may include music that is not independently produced, and many independent music artists do not fall into a single, defined musical style or genre and create self-published music that can be categorized into diverse genres. The ...

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    Indie rock is a genre o alternative rock that oreeginatit in the Unitit Kinrick an the Unitit States in the 1980s. Indie rock is extremely diverse, wi sub-genres that include indie pop, jangle pop, C86, an lo-fi, amang ithers.

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    From the 1990s alternative rock began to dominate rock music and break into the mainstream in the form of grunge, Britpop, and indie rock. Further fusion subgenres have since emerged, including pop punk , electronic rock , rap rock , and rap metal , as well as conscious attempts to revisit rock's history, including the garage rock / post-punk ...

  8. Indie rock – Wikipedia

    Indie rock (myös indie-rock ja indierock) on vaihtoehtorockin alalaji, jota edustaa joukko pieniä yhtyeitä, jotka julkaisevat materiaaliaan usein joko pienillä ja riippumattomilla levy-yhtiöillä tai omakustanteina.

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    Néhány jelentős indie együttes a 80-as évekből melyek befolyásolták a 90-es évek rock történelmet: The Smiths, The Stone Roses, The Jesus and Mary Chain, a stílusok közül a shoegazing és a Britpop volt meghatározó. Az Egyesült Államokban, amit indie-nek neveznek az a 70-es 80-as évek által befolyásolt alternatív rock.

  10. Indie rock - Wikipedia

    Printre formațiile de bază în muzică indie rock se numără: Arcade Fire, Blonde Redhead, Dinosaur jr, The Dodos, Enon, The Go-Team, Grandaddy, Guided By Voices, Half Japanese, Killed By 9V Batteries, Pavement, Polvo, Sebadoh, Sparklehorse, Sonic Youth, Urusei Yatsura, Women și Yo La Tengo.

  11. Indie rock – Wikipedia tiếng Việt

    Indie rock là một thể loại alternative rock có nguồn gốc tại Anh và Mỹ từ những năm 1980. Đây là một thể loại khá đa dạng, với các tiểu thể loại bao gồm indie pop, jangle pop, lo-fi, và một số khác nữa.