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  1. Indonesia - Wikipedia

    Indonesia (/ ˌ ɪ n d ə ˈ n iː ʒ ə / IN-də-NEE-zhə), officially the Republic of Indonesia (Indonesian: Republik Indonesia [reˈpublik ɪndoˈnesia] ), is a country in Southeast Asia and Oceania, between the Indian and Pacific oceans.

  2. History of Indonesia - Wikipedia

    The history of Indonesia has been shaped by its geographic position, its natural resources, a series of human migrations and contacts, wars and conquests, as well as by trade, economics and politics. Indonesia is an archipelagic country of 17,000 to 18,000 islands (8,844 named and 922 permanently inhabited) stretching along the equator in South East Asia .

  3. Indonesia, (/ ˌ ɪ n d ə ˈ n iː ʒ ə,-z i ə,-ʃ ə /) officially the Republic of Indonesia, (Indonesian: Republik Indonesia) is a nation in Southeast Asia. It is part of the Malay Islands. It has 18,108 islands. People live on about 6,000 of these islands. The most important islands of Indonesia are Java, Bali, Borneo, Sulawesi, and Sumatra.

  4. Economy of Indonesia - Wikipedia

    The economy of Indonesia is the largest in Southeast Asia and is one of the emerging market economies of the world. As an upper-middle income country and member of the G20, Indonesia is classified as a newly industrialised country.

    • 1 January – 31 December
    • $4,164 (nominal, 2019 est.), $14,840 (PPP, 2020 est.)
    • 5.2% (2018) 5.0% (2019e), 0.0% (2020f) 4.8% (2021f)
    • Rupiah (IDR, Rp)
  5. COVID-19 pandemic in Indonesia - Wikipedia

    The COVID-19 pandemic in Indonesia is part of the ongoing worldwide pandemic of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2). It was confirmed to have spread to Indonesia on 2 March 2020, after a dance instructor and her mother tested positive for the virus.

  6. Indonesia merupakan anggota dari PBB dan satu-satunya anggota yang pernah keluar dari PBB, yaitu pada tanggal 7 Januari 1965, dan bergabung kembali pada tanggal 28 September 1966. Indonesia tetap dinyatakan sebagai anggota yang ke-60, keanggotaan yang sama sejak bergabungnya Indonesia pada tanggal 28 September 1950.

  7. Indonesia – Wikipedia

    Indonesia er med 240 millionar innbyggjarar det fjerde mest folkerike landet i verda, og er det landet der det bur flest muslimar, endå landet ikkje offisielt er ein islamsk stat. Hovudstaden er Jakarta. Indonesia grensar mot Malaysia på øya Kalimantan, med Papua Ny-Guinea på øya Papua, og med Aust-Timor på Timor-øya.

  8. Wikipedia bahasa Indonesia, ensiklopedia bebas

    Wikipedia bahasa Indonesia disediakan secara gratis oleh Wikimedia Foundation, sebuah organisasi nirlaba. Selain dalam bahasa Indonesia, ...

  9. Indonésia – Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livreésia

    Indonésia (em indonésio: Indonesia, pronunciado: ), oficialmente República da Indonésia (em indonésio: Republik Indonesia, pronunciado: [rɛpublik ɪndonesia]), é um país localizado entre o Sudeste Asiático e a Austrália, sendo o maior arquipélago do mundo, composto pelas Ilhas de Sonda, [6] a metade ocidental da Nova Guiné e compreendendo no total 17 508 ilhas.

  10. Indonesia – Wikipedia

    Indonesia koostuu 17 508 saaresta, joista noin 6 000 on asuttuja. Saaret sijaitsevat päiväntasaajan molemmilla puolilla. Viisi suurinta saarta ovat Jaava, Sumatra, Borneo (Indonesian puoleinen osa Kalimantan), Uusi-Guinea (Indonesian puoleinen osa Länsi-Uusi-Guinea) ja Sulawesi.

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