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  1. Interstate 80 in California - Wikipedia

    Interstate 80 is a transcontinental Interstate Highway in the United States, stretching from San Francisco, California, to Teaneck, New Jersey. The segment of I-80 in California runs east from San Francisco across the Bay Bridge to Oakland, where it turns north and crosses the Carquinez Bridge before turning back northeast through the Sacramento Valley. I-80 then traverses the Sierra Nevada, cresting at Donner Summit, before crossing into the state of Nevada within the Truckee River Canyon. The

    • History

      When I-80 was first approved, it was to begin at planned...

    • Related routes

      There are eight associated routes of I-80: seven auxiliary...

  2. Interstate 80 - Wikipedia

    Interstate 80 (I-80) is an east–west transcontinental freeway in the United States that runs from downtown San Francisco, California, to Teaneck, New Jersey, in the New York City Metropolitan Area. The highway was designated in 1956 as one of the original routes of the Interstate Highway System. Its final segment was opened to traffic in 1986.

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  4. U.S. Route 80 in California - Wikipedia
    • Overview
    • Route description
    • History

    U.S. Route 80 was a U.S. highway in California that continued east across the country to Georgia. The western terminus of US 80 was in San Diego, California, and it continued east through the city on several different alignments through the years. The highway went through the Cuyamaca Mountains, encountering many switchbacks, before descending to El Centro. After passing through the sand dunes, the highway crossed the Colorado River into Yuma, Arizona. The highway replaced a 1912 plank road acro

    There were multiple alignments through the downtown San Diego area. The route as of 1928 began at Broadway and ran along 4th Avenue north to University Avenue in the Hillcrest district, then went east on University Avenue. By 1933, the routing had shifted to use Park Boulevard south of University Avenue into downtown, to end at Market Street; the city council voted that July to use University Avenue west of Park Boulevard to connect to US 101, to obtain federal funding for improving that road. T

    Route 12 was added to the state highway system in 1909 from San Diego to El Centro, and Route 27 was added from El Centro to Yuma in 1915. Before a highway was constructed through the Imperial San Dunes, travelers had to pass to the north in order to reach Yuma. The first route t

    Starting in 1932, county and state officials proposed rerouting US 80 away from what is now La Mesa Boulevard. Although the city raised concerns about the proposal, due to the shift in transportation design towards "free-access highways" where vehicles could travel up to 60 miles

    In April 1955, a Caltrans official announced that US 80 would be built as a freeway for its entire length in California, as it was to be included in the Interstate Highway System. In the meantime, while plans moved further along on US 101, San Diego Mayor John D. Butler asked the

    • November 11, 1926–July 1, 1964
    • US 80 at the Arizona state line
    • 176.53 mi (284.10 km)Mileage reflects US 80 as it was in 1942.
    • US 101 in San Diego
  5. Interstate 80 Business (Sacramento, California) - Wikipedia

    Interstate 80 Business, called the Capital City Freeway in its entirety and also known as Business 80, is a business loop of Interstate 80 through Sacramento. The route is also colloquially referred to as "Cap City Freeway" and "Biz 80". The entire route is a freeway. It originally carried mainline I-80 through Sacramento until the early 1980s. The eastern half, originally known as the Elvas Freeway, was initially grandfathered into the Interstate Highway System; however, plans to upgrade or rea

    • 13.82 mi (22.24 km)
    • 1981 (from I-80)–present
  6. U.S. Route 80 - Wikipedia

    Other former sections of US 80, particularly in California and parts of Arizona, carry the title Old Highway 80 or similar variations of that name. Multiple efforts are working to designate whole sections of US 80 as a historic route. California became the first state to recognize Historic U.S. Route 80 in 2007.

  7. Category:Interstate 80 in California - Wikimedia Commons

    English: Media related to Interstate 80 in California, a 205.07-mile (330.03 km) section of Interstate Highway in California, United States.

  8. Interstate 80 in California - WikiMili, The Free Encyclopedia

    Route description. I-80 is recognized as the Dwight D. Eisenhower Highway in the western United States and a Blue Star Memorial Highway for its entire length. In California, it follows the original corridor of the Lincoln Highway from Sacramento to Reno (with minor deviations near Donner Summit ).

  9. Interstate 680 (California) - Wikipedia
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    Interstate 680 is a north–south auxiliary Interstate Highway in Northern California. It curves around the eastern cities of the San Francisco Bay Area from San Jose to Interstate 80 at Fairfield, bypassing cities along the eastern shore of San Francisco Bay such as Oakland and Richmond while serving others more inland such as Pleasanton and Concord. Built in the 1920s and designated in 1955, I-680 begins at a junction with I-280 and US 101, and heads northeast and north-northwest through...

    The route begins at U.S. Route 101 at the Joe Colla Interchange, where it acts as a continuation of I-280 eastward. From here, it begins its journey northward through San Jose, where it meets the Capitol Expressway, signed as CR G21, about a mile northeast of I-680's southern terminus. The next exit northbound is SR 130, which is also known as Alum Rock Avenue, unsigned at the intersection. As it continues through Santa Clara County, it meets numerous local roads before interchanging with the Mo

    The Bureau of Public Roads approved urban routes of the Interstate Highway System on September 15, 1955, including a loop around the San Francisco Bay, soon numbered I-280 and I-680. The east half began at the interchange of US 101 north of downtown San Jose and followed the Nimi

  10. Interstate 80 in Nevada - Wikipedia

    The general route of Interstate 80 was first used by California-bound travelers and was called the California Trail. From the Utah State line west to the Humboldt River, I-80 follows a modified routing of a lesser used branch of the trail called Hastings Cutoff. The cutoff rejoins the main route of the trail in the Humboldt River canyon.

    • June 29, 1956–present
    • I-80 at Utah state line
    • 410.681 mi (660.927 km)
    • I-80 at California state line
  11. Interstate 80 in Iowa - Wikipedia

    Interstate 80 is a transcontinental Interstate Highway in the United States, stretching from San Francisco, California, to Teaneck, New Jersey. In Iowa, the highway travels west to east through the center of the state. It enters the state at the Missouri River in Council Bluffs and heads east through the southern Iowa drift plain. In the Des Moines area, I-80 meets up with I-35 and the two routes bypass Des Moines together. On the northern side of Des Moines, the Interstates split and I-80 conti

    • September 21, 1958–present
    • I-80 at the Illinois state line
    • 306.268 mi (492.891 km)
    • I-80 at the Nebraska state line