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  1. Certain associates of former Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos, historically referred to as the Cronies of Ferdinand Marcos or using the catchphrase "Marcos cronies", have benefited from their friendship with Marcos – whether in terms of legal assistance, political favors, or facilitation of business monopolies, during his administration.

  2. Irene María Montero Gil (Madrid, 13 de febrero de 1988) es una política y psicóloga española, ministra de Igualdad del Gobierno de España desde enero de 2020. Licenciada en psicología , es militante de Podemos , miembro de su Consejo Ciudadano Estatal desde noviembre de 2014.

  3. The Jabidah massacre on March 18, 1968, was the alleged killing of Moro army recruits who mutinied allegedly upon learning the purpose of their training. It is acknowledged as a major flashpoint that ignited the Moro insurgency in the Philippines.

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