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      • Ecuador is a Spanish speaking country situated on the equator on the western side of South America. The Amazon jungle, the Andes Mountains, and the Galapagos Islands are also part of their diverse scenery.
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    People commonly say that Ecuador is not one country but several countries in one. A variety of communities form a syncretism that creates an ethnic diverse Ecuadorian Nation. The official language of Ecuador is Spanish, but the Indian people speak Quechua, an Incan language. In addition to English, Ecuador uses ten local languages. Among the tourism services providers, English is the most commonly spoken international language. The Afro-Ecuadorians are renowned for their marimba music and their numerous festivals of music and dance. The richness of the local communities of the area the Spanishconquest or even before the emergence of Inca civilisation. In ancient Andean cultures, music was a significant influence, and in ancient tombs, archaeologists find ancient instruments such as pipes, flutes, trumpets and other musical artefacts. The dress code of Ecuadorians is distinct. Indigenous people, and particularly women, can readily be recognised with their clothes in any area of Ecuad...

    The ethnically mixed community of Ecuador contributes to a nation rich in cultural and traditional heritage. You can feel completely overwhelmed with the love and generosity Ecuadorians offer to its visitors. The name “Ecuador” derives from the term “equator. It passes only a few kilometres from Quito ‘s capital. It’s one of the world’s few countries named after a geographical element. Also, those cute guinea pigs, mostly housed as livestock in other parts of the world, are classified in Ecuador as “cuy.” In several cities of the Highlands of Ecuador, they are a famous delight, and you might find them grilled and served! In terms of wildlife, Ecuador possesses 11 national parks and 51 protected areas in which the conservation is the primary goal. Ecuador’s tallest peak, Mount Chimborazo is the farthest position from the centre of the planet.

    Ecuador’s economy is Latin America ‘s eighth most significant and world’s 69th highest in terms of gross GDP. The nation relies heavily on its oil supplies, in 2017, oil produced around one-third of government revenues and 32% of export profits. Ecuador is one of the smaller members of OPEC which, in 2017, contributed approximately 531,300 barrels per day of oil. It’s one of the biggest banana exporter worldwide (2017: 3.38 billion dollars) and the highest shrimp exporter (2017: 3.06 billion dollars). Exports have risen in recent years for non-traditional items such as cut flowers (2017 $846 million) and canned fish (2017: $1.18 billion). The economy of Ecuador is primarily composed of primary industries such as livestock, oil, and aquaculture in the past. Owing to developments in global consumer dynamics and technological growth, other industries such as clothing, packaged food, metallurgy, and service sectors have expanded substantially. The annual GDP increase between 2006 and 20...

    When the first Europeans reached the Pacific coast in 1526, the coastal and high Andean basin area of modern Ecuador was populated by Indian tribes. Across the mountains, the Inca Empire extended to a region around Quito. The first Spanish settlement was founded in Ecuador in 1534 in Quito, on the site of an important Incas city of the same name. The conquerors established a second community along the Guayaquil River four years later. Francisco Pizarro who explored and conquered Peru founded many settlements and the Spanish control over the mountain basins and coastal lowlands expanded as a result of his expeditions. Ecuador remained a component of the Viceroyalty of Peru. Ecuador became autonomous only in 1822 when it took part in the Union of Greater Colombia, from which it split in 1830. The first uprising against the Spanish government took place in 1809. This followed a long time of confrontation and turmoil, mainly due to violence between conservatives and leftists, clerical a...

    Diplomatic ties between Ecuador and India were established in 1969. Ecuador first opened its embassy in New Delhi in 1973, but closed down in 1977. Between 1984–85 and February 2005, the Embassy reopened and in 2013 a consulate general was established in Mumbai. Indian Embassy in Bogotá, Colombia, deals with bilateral issues with Ecuador as well. In 2000, they concluded a memorandum of agreement to conduct daily international consultations. In 2005, accompanied by 2008, 2011, and 2014, the first international consultation took place. There have been many meetings at ministerial level between the two nations. Many Ecuadorean Ministers of Foreign Affairs and other officials visited India. Through Asia, Ecuador has had the most extensive visits at the Minister of State level. In the area of education (2006), agriculture (2008), and economic co-operation (2013), the two countries have concluded several bilateral agreements. An agreement was reached in New Delhi in October 2015 between I...

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    Spanish is the most-widely spoken language in Ecuador, though great variations are present depending on several factors, the most important one being the geographical region where it is spoken. The three main regional variants are: Equatorial Pacific Spanish or Equatorial Coastal Spanish Andean Spanish Amazonic Spanish Additionally to the characteristics described below, Ecuadorian Spanish shares many characteristics that are widespread in the Spanish language in the Americas. Other sociolinguis

    • 13.5 million (2014), 742,000 in Ecuador (2014)
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    Oct 06, 2007 · It is a spanish speaking country. It was settled by Spain duringthe colonial era and remains spanish speaking today. == ==. Home. Science.

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    The principal language of Ecuador is Spanish, which is spoken by approximately 93% of the population. This language was first introduced by Spanish colonizers during the 16th century and became the language of government, business, and religion. Today, Spanish spoken in Ecuador has 3 distinct regional variations: Amazonic, Andean, and Equatorial Coastal. The most widely spoken variants are Andean Spanish, spoken in the highlands, and Equatorial Coastal Spanish, spoken from the northern border with Colombia and the southern border with Peru. These regions are the most heavily populated in the country.

    The second most commonly spoken languages in Ecuador are Kichwa and Shuar, which are used for intercultural relations. Kichwa belongs to the Quechuan language family and is spoken by between 1 and 2 million individuals. In Ecuador, the largest concentration of Kichwa speakers can be found in the Chimborazo Highland region. A movement began in the 1940’s to reintroduce this language to the public education curriculum and this attempt was strengthened in the 1970’s and 1980’s. Today, this language is part of the national curriculum. Shuar belongs to the Jivaroan language family and is spoken by around 35,000 individuals. Shuar speakers are concentrated in the Morona-Santiago and Pastaza provinces of Ecuador, both of which are located in the southeastern, Amazon region of the country. This language was revitalized by Catholic missionaries in the region via a radio schools project during the 1960’s. This project continued until the government shut it down in 2001 and integrated the Shua...

    Besides the Kichwa and Shuar languages, 11 other indigenous languages are spoken in this country. These include: Záparo, Waorani, Tetete, Siona, Secoya, Emberá, Colorado, Cofán, Cha’palaachi, Awa-Cuaiquer, and Achwa-Shiriwa. Of these languages, the Awa-Cuaiquer is the most widely utilized in Ecuador. It belongs to the Barbaco language family and is the language of the Awa-Kwaiker indigenous peoples. It has approximately 13,000 native speakers, who primarily reside in the northern region of Ecuador and the southern region of Colombia. In this community, the men are typically bilingual, while women and children speak only Awa-Cuaiquer. It is considered a severely endangered language by UNESCO. The least spoken indigenous language in Ecuador is the Záparo language. With only 5 native speakers left in the world, this language is considered nearly extinct. The Záparo language and its indigenous peoples fell victim to the wars and diseases brought by Europeans in the 16th century. Its rem...

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    Spanish is Ecuador’s official language of business and government, although there are dialectal differences between Sierra and Costa Spanish; Sierra Spanish has been influenced by Quichua. Quichua and Shuar (both of which are official intercultural languages) as well as other ancestral languages are spoken by the country’s indigenous people.

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    So that you can enjoy Ecuador, you should be prepared for the different accents you will hear across different regions of the country. To begin, Ecuador has four regions and this is how the Spanish...

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    ^ In Ecuador, Spanish is the sole official language at the national level while the Kichwa (Northern Quechua) and Shuar languages hold co-official status in selected regions.

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    People from Ecuador are called “ecuatorianos” Ecuador is the 2nd smallest country in South America. Minimum wage is about $148 per month (yeah, think you got it bad!) The term Ecuador means equator in Spanish. In fact, the country has been named after equator, which passes through it.

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