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  1. Uncanny X-Men, originally published as The X-Men, is an American comic book series published by Marvel Comics since 1963, and is the longest-running series in the X-Men comics franchise. It features a team of superheroes called the X-Men, a group of mutants with superhuman abilities led and taught by Professor X.

  2. The various X-Men in the story (Storm, Wolverine, Banshee, Forge, Psylocke, Jubilee, Gambit) would form the first official X-Men roster since the Australia-based team disbanded. The mutate process would psychically bind Wolfsbane to Havok - a plot thread that would be picked up after both joined X-Factor.

  3. Doug Ramsey alias Cypher is a Mutant with the cerebral ability to understand all languages, be it written or spoken on an unconscious level. He was considered to be one of the weakest New Mutants due to his lack of offensive abilities. He was best friends with the alien Technarch shapeshifter Warlock, who he was able to merge with to go into battle. Doug was killed while defending Wolfsbane in ...

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