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    Is Wolverine the most powerful X-Men?

    Why is Wolverine so popular in Marvel?

    What is the strength of Ultimate Wolverine?

    Is Lucky Jim the strongest version of Wolverine?

  2. Wolverine is stronger than the average human, but not by much, and his strength is mostly due to his Adamantium-laced bones increasing his durability. Continue Reading Kyle Taylor Ken Hughes Author has 3.5K answers and 3.7M answer views Updated 2 y Wolverine is either the weakest X-Man, or he’s the weakest with the best can-opener.

    • Caliban. Caliban, played by Tómas Lemarquis in 2016's X-Men: Apocalypse and Stephen Merchant in 2017's Logan, is an example of why we're keeping this just to the movie versions of the X-heroes.
    • Angel. In the comics, not only was Warren Worthington III, a.k.a Angel, one of the founding X-Men, but his family's deep pockets had a lot to do with the mutants being able to fund matching uniforms, danger rooms, and space-age aircraft.
    • Beast. The Beast waited until The Last Stand for his big screen debut, when he was played by Kelsey Grammer. After the prequel X-Men: First Class was released and X-Men: Days of Future Past rebooted everything, the younger Hank McCoy (Nicholas Hoult) became a much more consistent presence.
    • Mystique. While Mystique's (Rebecca Romjin, later Jennifer Lawrence) ability to change her appearance may not be what you picture helping someone win a super-brawl, its power does show in another way.
    • Kitty Pryde. Kitty Pryde is well known for her phasing ability, which renders as light and ephemeral as air. But her ability to phase extends to any object she touches, and as a result, Kitty is able to guide and manipulate objects of enormous size, including a bullet the size of the Earth.
    • Juggernaut. Meggan has faced Juggernaut, but her strength alone wasn't enough to defeat him. The Juggernaut is one of the most powerful villains in Marvel Comics, with an uncharted strength level that is limited only by what the mystical Gem of Cyttorak allows him.
    • Meggan. Comic book fans know Meggan primarily as a shapeshifter from the classic Excalibur run in the late '80s and from the most current one as well.
    • Rogue. Rogue's strength is potentially limitless, depending on whose power she absorbs by touching them. As a baseline, she's nearly off the chart. Rogue is as strong as Colossus, the Hulk, and The Thing alike, able to lift well over one hundred tons.
    • PHOENIX WOLVERINE. The latest issues of Thor seem to be telling two stories concurrently: one of the present day Odinson, and one of Old King Thor and his granddaughters in the far distant future.
    • WEAPON H. A relatively new character on this list, Weapon H is the personification of the question, “What would happen if Wolverine and the Hulk were the same guy?”
    • HELLVERINE. The Red Right Hand were a cult-like group with a mysterious vendetta against Wolverine. To that end, they summoned an unnamed demon to possess Logan and use this possession to force Wolverine to murder his way through his friends.
    • VAMPIRE WOLVERINE. When you mix a feral, practically immortal mutant with the blood of a Vampire, you get... well, not much difference really. Apart from the more evil personality and the desire to drink your blood, you might not notice much difference between regular Wolverine and his Vampiric counterpart.
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