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  1. Cheng Man-ch'ing or Zheng Manqing (29 July 1902 - 26 March 1975) was a notable Chinese expert of t'ai chi ch'uan, Chinese medicine, and the so called three perfections: calligraphy, painting and poetry.

    • 26 March 1975 (aged 72)
    • Chinese
  2. Although Cheng's modifications are considered controversial by most other schools and are not recognized by the Yang family, Cheng Man-ch'ing is known as one of the first to teach T'ai chi ch'uan in the West.

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  4. Originally learning Tai Chi from the Yang family representative, Yang Chen Fu (a man who had revolutionised the Form by reducing the number of moves by 2/3rd's and removing the fast and explosive postures), Cheng Man-ch'ing shortened the long version of the practice in order to further expand its reach into the greater public. It was a before ...

    • Preparation – Also known as wu chi or hun-yuan (Undifferentiated Unity)
    • Beginning – or ch’i shih (where you perform the opening breath). Raise hands back and down, more familiarly known as “the ch’i exercise.”
    • Ward Off, Left – Also known as tso peng, the foundation of Yang Tai Chi. This is also a great stance to practice rooting in.
    • Ward Off, Right.
  5. Cheng Man-ch’ing (1902–1975) was an inner student of Yang Cheng-fu. After Yang Cheng-fu’s death and before coming to the United States, Cheng Man-ch’ing created a shortened version of the traditional form taught him by Yang Cheng-fu. That shortened version is now widely taught in the United States and other countries.

  6. After the death of his teacher Yang Chengfu in 1935, and with the permission of Chen Weiming, a student of Yang Chengfu, and his father Yang Jianhou, Cheng Man Ching developed the so-called “short form”, in which 37 positions are counted, from the the well-known long form with 85 or 108 positions, depending on how they are counted.

  7. The Yang Family Tai Chi organization is a world-wide association of over 80 Centers and Schools around the world authorized to teach tai chi chuan as passed down directly from the rich heritage and standards of the Yang Family under the direction of Master Yang Jun. We invite you to explore our website and all of its resources.

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