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  1. there 1 of 2 interjection Definition of there as in no Synonyms & Similar Words Relevance no what why indeed oh well hello hey ah gee aha my word pshaw come on ha lo whoops fie the devil gee whiz gad the dickens egad oops ugh pooh zounds gadzooks woops fiddlesticks (the) deuce phooey there 2 of 2 noun as in here Synonyms & Similar Words here where

  2. Jan 22, 2023 · there, there idiom used to tell someone not to be worried or unhappy There, there, don't cry. Everything will be OK. Video There, They're, Their There, there. We'll sort it out. Dictionary Entries Near there, there the retail price index there, there there the similarity ends See More Nearby Entries Cite this Entry Style “There, there.”

  3. There comes a time in everyone’s life when a big decision has to be taken. 2. in or to that place. 2a. in or to a place that has already been mentioned. They’re going to Hawaii, and they plan to stay there until the end of March. The children loved Disneyland – they want to go there again. near/around/from etc there:

  4. Synonyms: over there, right there, just there, around there, in the distance, more... Collocations: was already there (before), there you go, there she is!, more... Forum discussions with the word (s) "there" in the title: 'n all -- that’s there ‘n all a [and] build from there a clear scope on the darkness out there a group there that played rock

  5. there is : there has… See the full definition Hello, Username. Log In Sign Up Username . My Words; Recents; Settings; Log Out; Games & Quizzes ...

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    Jan 16, 2023 · Thereis sometimes used by way of exclamation, calling attention to something, especially to something distant; such as in the phrases There, there!, See thereand Look there! Thereis often used as an expletive, and in this use, when it introduces a sentence or clause, the verb precedes its subject.

  7. Meaning of there, there in English there, there idiom (also there now) something you say to comfort someone, especially a child: There, there, don't cry. SMART Vocabulary: related words and phrases Sympathy & compassion aw bad/hard/tough luck! idiom better luck next time idiom bleeding heart cheese hard/tough cheese! idiom heart-wrenching

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