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    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia James Moll is an American director and producer of film documentaries and television documentaries. His documentary work has earned him an Academy Award, two Emmys, and a Grammy.

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    The Last Days is a documentary, directed by James Moll and produced by June Beallor and Kenneth Lipper in 1998. Steven Spielberg was one of the executive producers, in his role as founder of the Shoah Foundation. The film tells the stories of five Hungarian Jews during the Shoah.

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    Release. Inheritance was completed in 2006. It was produced by James Moll's company Allentown Productions. The primary footage was shot over the course of 13 days on location in Poland, but footage was also shot at Helen's home in New Jersey and on the outskirts of Munich, where Monika lived.

    • Andrés Goldstein, Daniel Tarrab
    • James Moll
    • James Moll, Christopher Pavlick
    • Vivian Delman, Monica Hertwig, Reinhardt Hertwig, Helen Jonas
  5. Bloodgood - Wikipedia › wiki › Bloodgood

    Produced by Bloodygood Pictures, the film features exclusive interviews, music and photos, and all of the controversy surrounding the band. Executive producer is James Moll. [citation needed] The official trailer was released in March 2017. A soundtrack is under way to coincide with the documentary's release in late 2017.

    • 1984–1994, 2006–present
    • Michael Bloodgood, Les Carlsen, Paul Jackson, Oz Fox, Kevin Whisler
  6. Farmland (film) - Wikipedia › wiki › Farmland_(film)

    Farmland is a documentary film about agriculture in the United States that was funded by the U.S. Farmers and Ranchers Alliance.Six farmers and Ranchers across the United States describe their experiences of and views on modern agriculture.

    • March 18, 2014 (Cleveland International Film Festival), May 1, 2014 (United States)
    • Nathan Wang
    • Brad Bellah, Leighton Cooley, David Loberg, Sutton Morgan, Margaret Schlass, Ryan Veldhuizen
    • James Moll, Christopher Pavlick
  7. James Moll (missing a Tony) Trey Parker (missing an Oscar) Matt Stone (missing an Oscar) Charles Strouse (missing an Oscar) Lily Tomlin (missing an Oscar) Cicely Tyson (missing a Grammy) Oprah Winfrey (missing a Grammy) Of these ten, only Charnin and Tyson are deceased as of 2021. Parker and Tomlin were nominated for a 1999 Oscar for Best ...

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    American film and television documentary producer and director best known for his work on The Body Human and the 1984 television version of A Christmas Carol starring George C. Scott. His career began in the early days of live television (1962) at the local level as a director for the Westinghouse Broadcasting Company, WBZ-TV Boston.

  9. The Fortunes and Misfortunes of Moll Flanders (TV series ... › wiki › The_Fortunes_and

    Moll falls under the protection of a banker, John Bland, a fellow passenger. After convincing him to divorce his adulterous wife, Moll marries him and bears him two children. The shock of his bank going under kills John. When the bailiffs show up at the door Moll takes the children and as many valuables that she can carry and escapes.

  10. Beast (film) - Wikipedia › wiki › Beast_(film)

    Moll returns to Pascal's house alone, where she is plagued by nightmares, and hounded by the press. Moll becomes overwhelmed at her job, and goes to find the girl she stabbed, who has a scar on her cheek. Moll apologizes and claims she wants to make amends, but when she says she did it in self-defence, the woman yells at her to leave.

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