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    The Sunda Trench, earlier known as and sometimes still indicated as the Java Trench, is an oceanic trench located in the Indian Ocean near Sumatra, formed where the Australian - Capricorn plates subduct under a part of the Eurasian Plate. It is 3,200 kilometres (2,000 mi) long with a maximum depth of 7,290 metres (23,920 feet).

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    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The Sumatra Trench is a part of the Sunda Trench or Java Trench. The Sunda subduction zone (called also: the Sumatra-Andaman subduction zone) is located in the east part of Indian Ocean, and is about 300 km (190 mi) from the southwest coast of Sumatra and Java islands.

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  4. Japan Trench - Wikipedia › wiki › Japan_Trench

    The Japan Trench is an oceanic trench part of the Pacific Ring of Fire off northeast Japan. It extends from the Kuril Islands to the northern end of the Izu Islands, and is 8,046 metres (26,398 ft) at its deepest.

  5. Talk:Sunda Trench - Wikipedia › wiki › Talk:Java_Trench

    If you can find adequate WP:RS to justify the move - do it - the point is the Java trench is historically correct - since the larger Sumatran earthquakes the broader Sunda term has been used extensively due to better knowledge of plate tectonics and the extent of the trench and the plate - so if it is moved - for a good acknowledgement of WP ...

  6. Sunda Arc - Wikipedia › wiki › Sunda_Arc

    Java Island is located on the east side of Sunda Arc, residing between Sumatra and Bali. Its oceanic crust's thickness is approximately 20-25 kilometers. With the geological activities and the tectonic nature of Sunda Arc, megathrust earthquakes and volcanic activities are ubiquitous at Java island.

  7. Timor Trough - Wikipedia › wiki › Timor_Trough

    It is separated from the Java Trench by a sag near Sumba Islandat the Scott Plateauand North Australian Basin, and on the other end becomes Tanimbar trough southeast of the Tanimbar Islandscontinuing on to the Aru trough east of the Kai Islandsnear Bird's Head Peninsulaon New Guinea.

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    Java Trench The oceanic trench which marks the outer, deep edge of the E. Indies subduction zone, where the Indo-Australian Plate is subducting beneath the Eurasian Plate. The trench is about 6 km deep along Java, but becomes shallower to the north-west because of progressive infilling by Bengal Fan turbidites.

  9. Java Trench | Article about Java Trench by The Free Dictionary › Java+Trench

    Java Trench (also Sunda Trench), a deep trench in the eastern part of the Indian Ocean. The Java Trench extends from the base of the continental slope of Burma (about 18°N lat.) along the underwater slopes of the Andaman, Nicobar, and Greater Sunda islands for a distance of about 2,900 km.

  10. Java Trench | Indian Ocean | Britannica › place › Java-Trench

    Java Trench, also called Sunda Double Trench, deep submarine depression in the eastern Indian Ocean that extends some 2,000 miles (3,200 km) in a northwest-southeast arc along the southwestern and southern Indonesian archipelago.

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