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    Boris Claudio "Lalo" Schifrin (born June 21, 1932) is an Argentine-American pianist, composer, arranger and conductor. He is best known for his large body of film and TV scores since the 1950s, including Cool Hand Luke, the "Theme from Mission: Impossible", Bullitt, Dirty Harry, and Enter the Dragon.

    • Later life and career

      After returning home to Argentina in his twenties, Schifrin...

    • Awards

      Lalo Schifrin has won five Grammy Awards, with twenty-two...

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    Boris Claudio "Lalo" Schifrin (born June 21, 1932) is an Argentine pianist, composer, arranger and conductor. He is best known for his movie and TV scores since the 1950s, including the theme from Mission: Impossible and Enter the Dragon.

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  4. Lalo Schifrin - Wikipedia › wiki › Lalo_Schifrin

    Lalo Boris Schifrin, eigenlijk: Boris Claudio Schifrin (Buenos Aires, 21 juni 1932) is een Argentijns componist, dirigent en pianist van zowel klassieke muziek als jazz.Hij geniet wereldwijde bekendheid voor zijn titelmuziek van de televisieserie Mission: Impossible en andere filmmuziek zoals die voor de films Dirty Harry en Enter the Dragon

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    Lalo Schifrin (Boris Claudio Schifrin, Buenos Aires, 21 de junio de 1932) es un pianista, compositor, arreglista y director de orquesta argentino.Es conocido por haber compuesto múltiples bandas sonoras de películas y series de televisión, especialmente el tema principal de Misión imposible.

    • Boris Claudio Schifrin
    • 21 de junio de 1932 (88 años), Buenos Aires, Argentina
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    Allmusic called the album "ahead of its time in terms of instrumentation, but (...) a product of its time in that established ways of doing things were being challenged", and noted that listeners whose prior experience of Schifrin's work was limited to the Mission Impossible themewould "be drawn in further by the eccentric genius displayed here".

    All compositions by Lalo Schifrin 1. "Secret Code Synthesizer" - 2:27 2. "Dissolving" - 2:30 3. "Machinations" - 2:40 4. "Bride of the Wind" - 2:30 5. "Life Insurance" - 2:06 6. "How to Open at Will the Most Beautiful Window" - 2:58 7. "Vaccinated Mushrooms" - 2:40 8. "Two Petals, a Flower and a Young Girl" - 2:09 9. "Wheat Germ Landscapes" - 2:26 10. "Gentle Earthquake" - 3:29 11. "Hawks vs. Doves" - 2:24 1. Recorded in Los Angeles, California on March 18, 19 & 20, 1968

    Lalo Schifrin - piano, synthesizer, arranger, conductor
    Tony Terran, John Audino - trumpet
    Lloyd Ulyate, Barrett O'Hara - trombone
    John Johnson - tuba
    • 28:19
    • Jazz
    • 1968
    • March 18, 19 & 20, 1968, Los Angeles
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    The Allmusicreview called it "one of the peak albums in Lalo Schifrin's lengthy catalogue and a necessity for anyone interested in his jazz work".

    All compositions by Lalo Schifrin except as indicated 1. "Black Widow" - 4:11 2. "Flamingo" (Edmund Anderson, Ted Grouya) - 4:31 3. "Quiet Village" (Les Baxter) - 5:45 4. "Moonglow/Theme from Picnic" (Will Hudson, Irving Mills, Eddie DeLange/George Duning, Steve Allen) - 6:13 5. "Jaws" (John Williams) - 6:01 6. "Baia" (Ary Barroso, Ray Gilbert) - 4:49 7. "Turning Point" - 3:29 8. "Dragonfly" - 5:45 9. "Frenesi" (Alberto Dominguez) - 3:53 Bonus track on CD reissue 10. "Tabú" (Margarita Lecuona) - 4:33 Bonus track on CD reissue 11. "Baia" (Barroso, Gilbert) - 7:44 Bonus track on CD reissue 12. "Con Alma" - 6:30 Bonus track on CD reissue 1. Recorded at Mediasound Studios in New York City on March 29 & 30, 1976

    Lalo Schifrin - piano, keyboards, arranger, conductor
    Jon Faddis - trumpet
    Wayne Andre, Billy Campbell, Barry Rogers - trombone
    Dave Taylor - bass trombone
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    Category:Lalo Schifrin. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jump to navigation Jump to search. The main article for this category is Lalo Schifrin. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Lalo Schifrin.

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    Lalo Schifrin aloitti musiikinopintonsa Argentiinassa jo lapsena, mutta päätyi lukemaan sosiologiaa ja lakia Buenos Airesin yliopistoon. Hän pääsi kuitenkin 20-vuotiaana stipendillä Pariisin konservatorioon ja sai opetusta muiden muassa Olivier Messiaenilta [1] ja Charles Koechlinilta .

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    Lalo Schifrin. Strona internetowa. Lalo Schifrin (właśc. Boris Schifrin) (ur. 21 czerwca 1932 w Buenos Aires) – argentyński kompozytor żydowskiego pochodzenia, pianista i dyrygent. Najbardziej znany ze ścieżki dźwiękowej do serialu Mission: Impossible i serii filmów na nim bazujących. Otrzymał 4 Nagrody Grammy i 6 nominacji do Oscara .

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