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    Lawrence Mark Sanger (/ ˈ s æ ŋ ər /; born July 16, 1968) is an American Internet project developer and philosopher who co-founded the online encyclopedia Wikipedia along with Jimmy Wales, for which Sanger coined the name and wrote much of its original governing policy.

  2. Jul 16, 2021 · Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales made a statement that Wikipedia now regards as definitive. “Doing The Right Thing takes many forms,” he wrote, “but perhaps most central is the preservation of our shared vision for the NPOV and for a culture of thoughtful diplomatic honesty.” Yes, Wikipedia is very earnest about its neutrality.

  3. Wikipedia Is Badly Biased - Larry Sanger Blog › 2020 › 05

    Jul 14, 2021 · Wikipedia Is Badly Biased. May 14, 2020. | In Wiki, Knowledge, Internet. | By Larry Sanger. The Uncyclopedia logo. Maybe more appropriate for Wikipedia itself now. Wikipedia’s “NPOV” is dead. 1 The original policy long since forgotten, Wikipedia no longer has an effective neutrality policy. There is a rewritten policy, but it endorses the ...

  4. Wikipedia Co-Founder Larry Sanger Slams Encyclopedia's Left ... › wikipedia-co-founder-distrusts-bias

    Jul 19, 2021 · Wikipedia co-founder Larry Sanger said on Wednesday that articles available on the online encyclopedia could no longer be trusted as unbiased information since they cater to the interests of the leftist volunteers who edit them and remove any news that doesn’t fit their agenda. Sanger, 53, who founded Wikipedia in 2001 with Jimmy Wales, said ...

  5. "Nobody Should Trust Wikipedia" - Co-founder of Wikipedia ... › 2021 › 07

    Jul 16, 2021 · Larry Sanger, 52, co-founded Wikipedia in 2001 alongside Jimmy Wales, said the crowdsourcing project has betrayed its original mission by reflecting the views of the ‘establishment.’. He said he agreed with the assessment that ‘teams of Democratic-leaning volunteers’ remove content that isn’t to their liking, including information ...

    • Joe Hoft
  6. Wikipedia’s Larry Sanger: I no longer trust the website I ... › 2021/07/26 › wikipedias-larry

    Wikipedia's commitment to neutrality was abandoned after 2009, according to co-founder Larry Sanger. In the years since it has become increasingly partisan, primarily espousing an establishment viewpoint that increasingly represents propaganda. - Freddie Sayers Chances are, if you’ve ever been on the internet, you’ve visited Wikipedia.

  7. Wikipedia Co-Founder Larry Sanger Claims Site Is Leftist ... › tech › 2021/07/07

    Jul 07, 2021 · Wikipedia co-founder Larry Sanger published a blog post last week analyzing the site’s left-wing bias. Examining articles about Donald Trump’s impeachments, the Black Lives Matter protests and riots, Joe Biden’s scandals, and the 2020 election, Sanger argued Wikipedia’s coverage is so extremely left-wing that it constitutes propaganda.

  8. 'Nobody should trust Wikipedia,' co-founder Larry Sanger ... › news › article-9793263

    Jul 16, 2021 · Larry Sanger (left), 53, co-founded Wikipedia in 2001 alongside Jimmy Wales, said the crowdsourcing project has betrayed its original mission by reflecting the views of the 'establishment.'

  9. Wikipedia Co-Founder Larry Sanger Tells Tucker Carlson He Is ... › tech › 2021/07/23

    Jul 23, 2021 · 23 Jul 2021 220. 5:53. In an interview Thursday for Tucker Carlson Tonight on Fox News, Wikipedia co-founder Larry Sanger stated he was embarrassed about helping found the site given its increasing left-wing bias. Noting it helps shape the understanding many Americans have of the world, Carlson asked Sanger what could be done to fix the ...

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