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    Leiden University (commonly abbreviated as LEI; Dutch: Universiteit Leiden) is a public research university in Leiden, Netherlands.Founded in 1575 by William, Prince of Orange as a reward to the town of Leiden for its defense against Spanish attacks during the Eighty Years' War, it is the oldest institution of higher education in the Netherlands.

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    Leiden University Library is a library founded in 1575 in Leiden, Netherlands.It is regarded as a significant place in the development of European culture: it is a part of a small number of cultural centres that gave direction to the development and spread of knowledge during the Enlightenment.

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    Leiden University (Dutch: Universiteit Leiden), shortened to LEI, is a public university in Leiden, a city in the province of South Holland, the Netherlands. Leiden University was established on 8 February 1575 and is the oldest university of the Netherlands. It has about 25,000 students. Its focus is on all sorts of sciences.

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    Leiden is a city and municipality in the province of South Holland, Netherlands. The municipality of Leiden had a population of 123,856 in August 2017, but the city forms one densely connected agglomeration with its suburbs Oegstgeest, Leiderdorp, Voorschoten and Zoeterwoude with 206,647 inhabitants. The Netherlands Central Bureau of Statistics further includes Katwijk in the agglomeration which makes the total population of the Leiden urban agglomeration 270,879, and in the larger Leiden urban

    In 1420, during the Hook and Cod wars, Duke John III of Bavaria along with his army marched from Gouda in the direction of Leiden in order to conquer the city since Leiden did not pay the new Count of Holland Jacqueline, Countess of Hainaut, his niece and only daughter of Count W

    Leiden flourished in the 16th and 17th century. At the close of the 15th century the weaving establishments of Leiden were very important. After the expulsion of the Spaniards, Leiden cloth, Leiden baize and Leiden camlet were familiar terms. In the same period, Leiden developed

    On 12 January 1807, a catastrophe struck the city when a boat loaded with 17,400 kilograms of gunpowder blew up in the middle of Leiden. 151 persons were killed, over 2,000 were injured and some 220 homes were destroyed. King Louis Bonaparte personally visited the city to provide

    The two branches of the Oude Rijn, which enter Leiden on the east, unite in the centre of the city. The city is further intersected by numerous small canals with tree-bordered quays. On the west side of the city, the Hortus Botanicus and other gardens extend along the old Singel, or outer canal. The Leidse Hout park, which contains a small deer park, lies on the northwest border with Oegstgeest. The Van der Werf Park is named after the mayor Pieter Adriaansz. van der Werff, who defended the city

    Because of the economic decline from the end of the 17th until the middle of the 19th century, much of the 16th- and 17th-century city centre is still intact. It is the second largest 17th-century town centre in the Netherlands, the largest being Amsterdam's city centre.

    The following is a selection of important Leidenaren throughout history

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    Leiden University College The Hague is part of the Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs of Leiden University at Campus The Hague.

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  7. Leiden University (abbreviated as LEI; Dutch: Universiteit Leiden), founded in the city of Leiden, is the oldest university in the Netherlands. The university was founded in 1575 by William, Prince of Orange, leader of the Dutch Revolt in the Eighty Years' War. The Dutch Royal Family and Leiden University have a close association: Queen Juliana, Queen Beatrix and King Willem-Alexander are ...

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    Leiden University Medical Center (Dutch: Leids Universitair Medisch Centrum) or LUMC is the university hospital affiliated with Leiden University, of which it forms the medical faculty. It is located in Leiden, Netherlands. LUMC is a modern university medical center for research, education and patient care.

  9. Universitas Leiden (bahasa Belanda: Universiteit Leiden; nama bahasa Latin: Academia Lugduno-Batava) adalah universitas umum di Belanda.Terletak di Leiden dan didirikan pada tahun 1575 oleh Pangeran Willem van Oranje, universitas negeri ini adalah universitas tertua di Belanda.

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    Leiden University, The Netherlands, was founded in 1575 and is one of Europe’s leading international research universities. It has seven faculties in the arts, sciences and social sciences, spread over locations in Leiden and The Hague. The University has over 6,500 staff members and 26,900 students…

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