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  1. Mangaladevi Temple - Wikipedia

    The Mangaladevi Temple is a Hindu temple at Bolara in the city of Mangalore in the Indian state of Karnataka, situated about three km southwest of the city centre. The temple is dedicated to Hindu god Shakti in the form of Mangaladevi. The city of Mangalore is named after the presiding deity, Mangaladevi.

  2. Mangala Devi Kannagi Temple - Wikipedia

    Cheran Chenguttuvan, the king of ancient Tamilakam, had erected the temple for Kannagi around 2000 years back at Vannathipara and called it 'Kannagi Kottam' or 'Mangaladevi Kannagi temple' and performed regular pujas. It sits at an altitude of about 1,337 m (4,386 ft) above the mean sea level.

    • 1,337 m (4,386 ft)
    • India
    • Peerumedu Taluk
    • Kerala
  3. Mangala Devi Singh - Wikipedia

    Mangala Devi Singh (Nepali: मंगलादेवी सिंह) was a pioneer feminist and prominent democratic right activist of Nepal. Singh got involved in politics in 1940 at the age of 16.

    • December 10, 1925
    • August 26, 1996 (aged 70)
  4. Mangalore Dasara - Wikipedia

    Mangaladevi, Bolar attracts devotees all over India to celebrate the Dasara festival. Mangalore got its name from Mangaladevi. Mangaladevi temple arranges cultural programmes such as folk, music, drama, plays on various themes, ballets and devotional songs.

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  6. Bolar, Mangalore - Wikipedia

    Bolara or Bolar is an inner city locality in Mangalore City, Karnataka, India.. The famous Mangaladevi Temple by which Mangalore derives its name and Halekote Sri Mariyamma - Mahishamardini Devasthana are located in Bolara (or Bolar as pronounced in English).

  7. അടിസ്ഥാന വിവരങ്ങൾ സ്ഥലം: Bolar, Mangalore: നിർദ്ദേശാങ്കം: Coordinates: മതഅംഗത്വം

  8. Mangalore - Wikipedia

    Mangalore was named after the deity Mangaladevi, the presiding deity of the Mangaladevi Temple or a synonym of Tara Bhagvati of the Vajrayana Buddhist sect. According to local legend, a princess named Parimala or Premaladevi from Malabar renounced her kingdom and became a disciple of Matsyendranath, the founder of the Nath tradition.

  9. Bodawpaya - Wikipedia

    Bodawpaya proclaimed himself the next messianic Buddha or Maitreya (Arimittya), but his claim was firmly rejected by the Sangha. During his reign, scholarship flourished due to the discipline and stability achieved by establishing a chapter of Sangharajas or senior monks charged with the responsibility of safeguarding the purity of the Sangha.

  10. Chandi - Wikipedia

    The dhyana sloka precedin the Middle episode o Devi Mahatmya the iconographic details are gien. The Goddess is describit as aichteen airmit bearin string o beads, battle axe, mace, arrae, thunnerbolt, lotus, bow, watter-pot, cudgel, lance, swuird, shield, conch, bell, wine-cup, trident, noose an the discus (sudarsana).