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    Mexicans (Spanish: mexicanos) are the people of Mexico. The most spoken language by Mexicans is Mexican Spanish, but some may also speak languages from 68 different indigenous linguistic groups and other languages brought to Mexico by recent immigration or learned by Mexican immigrants residing in other nations.

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    Indigenous peoples of the Americas. Indigenous peoples of Mexico ( Spanish: gente indígena de México, pueblos indígenas de México ), Native Mexicans ( Spanish: nativos mexicanos) or Mexican Native Americans ( Spanish: pueblos originarios de México, lit. 'Original people of Mexico'), are those who are part of communities that trace their roots back to populations and communities that existed in what is now Mexico prior to the arrival of the Spanish.

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    Pages in category "Mexican people" The following 2 pages are in this category, out of 2 total. This list may not reflect recent changes ().

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    Mexican people by occupation and city‎ (5 C) Mexican people by occupation by state ‎ (40 C) Lists of Mexican people by occupation ‎ (3 C, 14 P)

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    While Mexico does not have comprehensive modern racial censuses, some international publications believe that Mexican people of predominately European descent (Spanish or other European) make up approximately one-sixth (16.5%), this based on the figures of the last racial census in the country, made in 1921.

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    Mexico covers 1,972,550 square kilometers (761,610 sq mi), making it the world's 13th-largest country by area; with approximately 126,014,024 inhabitants, it is the 10th-most-populous country and has the most Spanish-speakers. Mexico is organized as a federation comprising 31 states and Mexico City, its capital and largest metropolis.

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    Mexico is a country in North America. Mexico is south of Texas, California and other American states. Guatemala and Belize are south of Mexico. Mexico is between the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. People living in Mexico or who are from there are called Mexicans. Most Mexican people speak Spanish. There are also Mexicans who speak Native American languages, like Nahuatl, Mayan, and Zapotec. The capital of Mexico is Mexico City.

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    The total population of people of African Descent including people with one or more black ancestors is 4 percent, the third highest of any Mexican state. [18] The phenomena of runaways and slave rebellions began early in Veracruz with many escaping to the mountainous areas in the west of the state, near Orizaba and the Puebla border.

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    Mexican independence from Spain in 1821 resulted in the beginning of criollo rule in Mexico as they became "firmly in control of the newly independent state." Although direct Spanish rule was now gone, "by and large, Mexicans of primarily European descent governed the nation."

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