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  1. The Moldovan Cyrillic alphabet is still the official and the only accepted alphabet in Transnistria for this language. Description. All but one of the letters of this alphabet can be found in the modern Russian alphabet, the exception being the zhe with breve: Ӂ ӂ (U+04C1, U+04C2).

  2. The Moldovan Air Force (Romanian: Forțele Aeriene ale Republicii Moldova), known officially as Air Forces Command is the national air force of Moldova. It was formed following Moldova's independence from the Soviet Union in August 1991 and is part of the National Army of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Moldova .

  3. (The other three are French, German and Italian.) 50,000 people in the canton of Graubünden use it as their native language. References [ change | change source ] ↑ Die aktuelle Lage des Romanischen, Kommentar zu den Volkszählungsresultaten .

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