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      • From Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Multilingualism is the ability to speak more than one language. The ability to speak two languages is "bilingualism," a type of multilingualism. Many immigrants are bilingual and speak languages of both their old and their new country.
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  2. Multilingualism - Wikipedia › wiki › Multilingualism

    Multilingualism is the use of more than one language, either by an individual speaker or by a group of speakers. It is believed that multilingual speakers outnumber monolingual speakers in the world's population.

  3. Multilingualism - Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia › wiki › Multilingualism

    From Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Multilingualism is the ability to speak more than one language. The ability to speak two languages is "bilingualism," a type of multilingualism. Many immigrants are bilingual and speak languages of both their old and their new country.

  4. Multilingualisme - Wikipedia bahasa Indonesia, ensiklopedia bebas › wiki › Multilingualisme

    Multilingualisme atau bahubahasa merupakan tindakan menggunakan banyak bahasa oleh individu atau masyarakat. Di dunia terdapat lebih banyak orang yang multilingual daripada monolingual. [1] Multilingualisme menjadi salah satu fenomena sosial yang disebabkan oleh pengaruh globalisasi dan keterbukaan budaya. [2]

  5. Multilingualism and globalization - Wikipedia › wiki › Multilingualism_and
    • Overview
    • Language Contact, Categories, and Powers
    • Multilingualism as Global Capital
    • Englishization and English Imperialism
    • Technology and English Multilingualism
    • Gender

    Globalization has had major effects on the spread and ascribed value of multilingualism. Multilingualism is considered the use of more than one language by an individual or community of speakers. Globalization is commonly defined as the international movement toward economic, trade, technological, and communications integration and concerns itself with interdependence and interconnectedness. As a result of the interconnectedness brought on by globalization, languages are being transferred betwee

    Multilingualism is considered a form of language contact. This contact occurs when language communities, through obligation or choice, come in contact with one another. Multilingualism is therefore considered both a tool and a symptom of forces that necessitate or encourage contact between communities. Globalization is one of those forces. Researchers accept that there are multiple categories of language, even as they often disagree on the explicit number of those categories. De Swaan's analysis

    French sociologist Pierre Bourdieu views language, and more specifically multilingual skills, as a form of social and symbolic capital that follows speakers as they search for work and power both locally and transnationally. Bourdieu's views have been highly influential in study of language and power. He posits that by transforming social and symbolic capital into economic capital, the multilingual is at an advantage. In short, language is commodified for use in globalized society. As a result,

    Englishization is the use of English as global lingua franca whereby English replaces the local language as a means of communication, especially in organizations, in an attempt to compete economically in a globalized society. Englishization is treated largely as a necessity in business, testament by the rise in English multilingualism as a work requirement in an increasing number of industries, regions, and organizations and by the rise in English as a Foreign Language programs beginning in the

    Shifts in technology associated with globalization have also had an impact on multilingualism and on majority language use generally. Since the 1990s, the widespread use of the internet, and later of smart devices, has expanded the necessity of both receptive language skills like reading and listening and English multilingualism. As evidence to support this, English was the very first language that was used on the internet and more than two-thirds of the information on the internet consisted of

    Gender and multilingualism were first researched together in the early 1970s with the emergence of language and gender studies. Early studies in the field of language and gender examined how gender affected access to the types of jobs that encouraged multilingualism. Those studies found men more likely to hold agricultural and production-based positions that valued and offered opportunities for multilingualism. As a result, higher percentages of men developed multilingual proficiencies, isolatin

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    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Wikimedia Commons has media related to Multilingualism. The main article for this category is Multilingualism.

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  7. Official multilingualism - Wikipedia › wiki › Official_bilingualism

    Official multilingualism is the policy adopted by some states of recognizing multiple languages as official and producing all official documents, and handling all correspondence and official dealings, including court procedure, in these languages.

  8. Multilingualism in India - Wikipedia › wiki › Multilingualism_in_India

    Multilingualism Hindi. Hindi is one of the official languages of India and had 528 million native speakers as of the 2011 Census. About 139 million Indians speak Hindi as a second language and 24 million speak it as their third language.

    State or union territory
    Andhra Pradesh (incl. Telangana)
  9. Multilingualismo - Wikipedia, e ensiklopedia liber › wiki › Multilingualismo

    Multilingualismo o plurilingualismo generalmente kiermen e dominio di dos o mas idioma.Tambe e ta referi na e habilidad di un persona pa den diferente situacion papia mas cu un idioma perfectamente.

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