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    NBC is the oldest major broadcast network in the United States. In 1932, GE was forced to sell RCA and NBC as a result of antitrust charges. In 1986, control of NBC passed back to GE through its $6.4 billion purchase of RCA. GE immediately began to liquidate most of RCA's various divisions but retained NBC.

  2. NBC, whose letters stand for National Broadcasting Company, is an American television network that started in 1926 as a radio company. NBC started airing Its first television programs in 1944. NBC is owned by Comcast, and was previously owned by General Electric and Universal Studios. NBC owns the cable news channels CNBC and MSNBC .

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  3. The National Broadcasting Company is an American English-language commercial broadcast television and radio network which is owned by Comcast through NBCUniversal.The network is headquartered at 30 Rockefeller Plaza in New York City, with additional major offices near Los Angeles (at 10 Universal City Plaza), and Chicago (at the NBC Tower).

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    Caravan era

    The first regularly scheduled American television newscast in history was made by NBC News on February 21, 1940, anchored by Lowell Thomas (1892–1981), and airing weeknights at 6:45 p.m. It was simply Lowell Thomas in front of a television camera while doing his NBC network radio broadcast, the television simulcast seen only in New York. In June 1940, NBC, through its flagship station in New York City, W2XBS (renamed commercial WNBT in 1941, now WNBC) operating on channel one, televised 30¼ h...

    Huntley-Brinkley era

    Television assumed an increasingly prominent role in American family life in the late 1950s, and NBC News was called television's "champion of news coverage." NBC president Robert Kintner provided the news division with ample amounts of both financial resources and air time. In 1956, the network paired anchors Chet Huntley and David Brinkley and the two became celebrities, supported by reporters including John Chancellor, Frank McGee, Edwin Newman, Sander Vanocur, Nancy Dickerson, Tom Pettit,...

    NBC Nightly News era

    NBC's ratings lead began to slip toward the end of the 1960s and fell sharply when Chet Huntley retired in 1970 (Huntley died of cancer in 1974). The loss of Huntley, along with a reluctance by RCA to fund NBC News at a similar level as CBS was funding its news division, left NBC News in the doldrums. NBC's primary news show gained its present title, NBC Nightly News, on August 3, 1970. The network tried a platoon of anchors (Brinkley, McGee, and John Chancellor) during the early months of Ni...

    Twelve people have served as president of NBC News during its history: William R. McAndrew (managed since 1951, named president, 1965-1968), Reuven Frank (1968–73, 1981–85), Richard Wald (1973–77), Lester Crystal (1977–79), William J. Small (1979–81), Lawrence Grossman (1985–88), Michael Gartner (1988–93), Andrew Lack (1993–2001), Neal Shapiro (200...


    1. NBCUniversal Archives 2. NBC News Studios – documentary production unit founded on January 23, 2020 2.1. MSNBC Films 3. NBC News Channel – a news video and report feed service similar to a wire service, providing pre-produced international, national and regional stories some with fronting reporters customized for NBC network affiliates. It is based in Charlotte, North Carolina with bureaus in New York City at 30 Rockefeller Plaza, Washington, D.C. on North Capital Street NW, Chicago at the...


    1. Peacock Productions

    Major bureaus

    1. New York City: NBC News Headquarters (WNBC)1 2. Universal City, California (Los Angeles): West Coast Bureau (KNBC)1 3. Washington, D.C.: Washington DC Bureau 1 4. London: Foreign Desk

    Minor bureaus

    1. Atlanta (WXIA-TV) 2. Boston (WBTS–CD) 1 3. Chicago (WMAQ-TV) 1 4. Denver (KUSA-TV) 5. Fort Worth – Dallas (KXAS-TV) 1 6. Houston (KPRC-TV) 7. Miami – Fort Lauderdale (WTVJ) 1 8. New Britain – Hartford – New Haven (WVIT) 1 9. Philadelphia (WCAU) 1 10. San Diego (KNSD) 1 11. San Jose – San Francisco – Oakland (KNTV) 1 12. San Juan, PR (WKAQ-TV) 1 13. 1 All NBC owned-and-operated stationsare considered NBC News bureaus.

    Foreign bureaus

    1. Johannesburg, South Africa (CNBC Africa headquarters) 2. Kabul, Afghanistan (NBC News) 3. Nairobi, Kenya (CNBC Africa) 4. Abuja, Nigeria (CNBC Africa) 5. Lagos, Nigeria (CNBC Africa) 6. Cape Town, South Africa (CNBC Africa) 7. Singapore(CNBC Asia headquarters) 8. Sydney, Australia (CNBC Asia) 9. Melbourne, Australia (NBC News Asia Pacific) 10. Managua, Nicaragua (Canal 15 Nicaragua-Telemundo 51 WSCV) 11. Tokyo, Japan (Nikkei CNBC) 12. Hong Kong(CNBC Asia) 13. Beijing, China (NBC News, MSNB...

    NBC News got the first American news interviews from two Russian presidents (Vladimir Putin, Mikhail Gorbachev), and Brokaw was the only American television news correspondent to witness the fall of the Berlin Wallin 1989.

    Anchors and hosts

    1. Peter Alexander – Saturday TodayCo-Anchor & Chief White House Correspondent (2004–present) 2. Dara Brown– MSNBC Reports Overnight Anchor 3. Mika Brzezinski – MSNBC's Morning JoeCo-Anchor 4. Carson Daly – Today Features Anchor & NBC's The VoiceHost 5. José Díaz-Balart – NBC Nightly NewsSaturday Anchor (2015–present) & Jose Diaz-Balart Reports Anchor 6. Jonathan Capehart – Host of The Sunday Show with Jonathan Capeharton MSNBC 7. Dylan Dreyer – 3rd Hour TodayCo-Anchor & NBC News Meteorologis...

    US-based correspondents and reporters

    1. Julia Ainsley – Justice Department and Department of Homeland Security Correspondent 2. Monica Alba– White House Correspondent 3. Blayne Alexander– Atlanta-based Correspondent 4. Ron Allen– New York-based correspondent 5. Miguel Almaguer– Los Angeles-based Correspondent 6. Ellison Barber– New York-based Correspondent 7. Maura Barrett – Correspondent 8. Catie Beck – Atlanta-based Correspondent 9. Shaquille Brewster – Correspondent 10. Sam Brock – Miami-based Correspondent 11. Andrea Canning...

    International correspondents and reporters

    1. Ali Arouzi– Tehran-based correspondent 2. Matt Bradley – London-based Correspondent 3. Kelly Cobiella – London-based Correspondent 4. Richard Engel– Chief Foreign Correspondent 5. Molly Hunter – London-based Foreign Correspondent 6. Janis Mackey Frayer– Beijing-based Foreign Correspondent 7. Keir Simmons– Senior International Correspondent

    MSNBC is not shown outside the Americas on a channel in its own right. However, both NBC News and MSNBC are shown for a few hours a day on OSN News in MENARegion. In the 2000s MSNBC was shown on sister network CNBC Europe, both in scheduled slots and during breaking news, although rebroadcasts of MSNBC have stopped. However NBC Nightly News and Mee...

    Most of NBC's news television programs use "The Mission" by John Williamsas their theme. The composition was first used by NBC in 1985 and was updated in 2004.

    • February 21, 1940; 82 years ago
    • Noah Oppenheim (president)
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    Peacock. Official website. nbcsports .com. NBC Sports is an American programming division of the broadcast network NBC, owned and operated by NBC Sports Group division of NBCUniversal and subsidiary of Comcast. The division is responsible for sports broadcasts on the network, and its dedicated national sports cable channels.

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    NBCUniversal. NBCUniversal Media, LLC is an American multinational mass media and entertainment conglomerate corporation owned by Comcast and headquartered at 30 Rockefeller Plaza in Midtown Manhattan, New York City, United States. [5] NBCUniversal is primarily involved in the media and entertainment industry.

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