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  1. A national language is a language (or language variant, e.g. dialect) that has some connection— de facto or de jure —with a nation. There is little consistency in the use of this term.

  2. This is a list of official, or otherwise administratively-recognized, languages of sovereign countries, regions, and supra-national institutions. The article also lists a number of languages which have no administrative mandate as an official language, generally describing these as de-factoofficial languages. Contents

  3. National language: one that uniquely represents the national identity of a state, nation, and/or country and is so designated by a country's government; some are technically minority languages. (On this page a national language is followed by parentheses that identify it as a national language status.)

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  5. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The United States does not have an official language at the federal level, but the most commonly used language is English (specifically, American English ), which is the de facto national language. It is also the only language spoken at home by the great majority of the U.S. population (approximately 78%). [5]

    • English
    • QWERTY
    • None at the federal level
    • English 78.1%, Spanish 13.2%, other Indo-European languages 3.7%, Asian and Pacific languages 3.6%, other languages 1.2% (2018 survey by the Census Bureau)
  6. " nation language " is the term coined by scholar and poet kamau brathwaite and now commonly preferred to describe the work of writers from the caribbean and the african diaspora in non-standard english, as opposed to the traditional designation of it as "dialect", which brathwaite considered carries pejorative connotations that are inappropriate …

  7. National language From Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia A national language is a language which is the national identity of a nation. A national language is used for political and legal discourse . Related pages Official language This short article can be made longer. You can help Wikipedia by adding to it. Categories: Languages

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