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    An oceanographer is a person who studies many matters concerned with oceans, including marine geology, physics, chemistry and biology . Contents 1 History 1.1 Early history 1.2 Modern oceanography 2 Branches 2.1 Biological oceanography 2.2 Chemical oceanography 2.2.1 Ocean acidification 2.3 Geological oceanography 2.4 Physical oceanography

  2. William Curry (oceanographer) D Paul K. Dayton Peter B. de Menocal Jody Deming Robert S. Dietz Scott Doney Ellen R.M. Druffel Sonya Dyhrman E Sylvia Earle Curtis Ebbesmeyer Kenneth O. Emery John Englander F Kelly Falkner Richard Feely Gene Carl Feldman Rana Fine Marie Poland Fish Evan Forde Michael Freilich (oceanographer) Philip Froelich G

  3. Oceanography (also called oceanology or marine science) is the study of the ocean, its properties and its characteristics. This can include, and is not limited to, studying the marine life, the geography of the ocean floor, and the water itself. Many sciences are useful in oceanography, so it is a multidisciplinary field.

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  5. Sylvia is an American oceanographer, scuba diver, and research scientist. She founded Mission Blue, an organization dedicated to protecting the ocean from threats such as climate change, pollution, habitat destruction, invasive species, and the dramatic decrease in ocean fish stocks. Sylvia’s interest in the ocean sprang from her love of animals.

  6. Oct 12, 2021 · Oceanography or oceanology is the branch of science that studies the physical and biological properties of the ocean and discovers the various phenomena of seawater. An oceanographer uses mathematics and science to explain the interaction between atmosphere, seawater, freshwater and biosphere.

  7. David Gallo is an American oceanographer and Director of Special Projects at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. For more than 25 years, David has been at the forefront of ocean exploration, participating in and being witness to the development of new technologies and scientific discoveries that shape our view of planet earth.

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