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    Plot. On stardate 48975.1, the crew of Voyager follows an ancient SOS to a Class L planet whose atmospheric interference requires landing the ship to investigate. On the surface, Captain Janeway (Kate Mulgrew) leads an away team to discover the source of the transmission: a Lockheed Model 10 Electra with an alien generator added to sustain the SOS.

  2. Rick Berman, Marty Hornstein and Peter Lauritson: Star Trek: Insurrection: December 11, 1998 () Michael Piller: Rick Berman and Michael Piller Rick Berman Star Trek: Nemesis: December 13, 2002 () Stuart Baird: John Logan: John Logan, Rick Berman and Brent Spiner

  3. Steve Meerson, Peter Krikes, Nicholas Meyer and Harve Bennett Harve Bennett and Leonard Nimoy Harve Bennett Star Trek V: The Final Frontier: June 9, 1989 () William Shatner: David Loughery: William Shatner, Harve Bennett and David Loughery Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country: December 6, 1991 () Nicholas Meyer

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    Wendy Neuss, Merri D. Howard, Kenneth Biller, Peter Lauritson, and Brannon Braga were all credited as producers on "Tuvix", while Jay Chattaway was credited with the music and Marvin V. Rush was the cinematographer. Daryl Baskin edited the episode to its 46-minute runtime. Writing

  5. A version was screened on March 30 for Moore, Peter Lauritson, Dan Curry, J. P. Farrell and Dawn Velazquez to better inform the post-production optical effects which were under production at the time. Cast audio re-recording took place from April 9 onwards depending on the individual actor's availability, supervised by Velazquez.

  6. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine ist eine US-amerikanische Science-Fiction-Fernsehserie, die von 1993 bis 1999 erstausgestrahlt wurde.Sie ist ein Ableger der Fernsehserie Raumschiff Enterprise – Das nächste Jahrhundert, deren kommerzieller Erfolg ausschlaggebend für ihre Entstehung war, und – unter Berücksichtigung der Zeichentrickserie Die Enterprise – die insgesamt vierte Fernsehserie ...

  7. Données clés Support d'origine Star Trek (série TV) Auteur d'origine Gene Roddenberry Nombre de films 13 Premier opus Star Trek, le film (1979) Dernier opus Star Trek: Sans limites (2016) Données clés Sociétés de production Paramount Pictures Pays d'origine États-Unis Genre science-fiction , space opera Thème(s) conquête de l'espace Pour plus de détails, voir Fiche technique et ...

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