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    Peter Lord, CBE (born 4 November 1953) is an English animator, film producer, director and co-founder of the Academy Award -winning Aardman Animations studio, an animation firm best known for its clay-animated films and shorts, particularly those featuring plasticine duo Wallace and Gromit. He also directed The Pirates!

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    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Peter Lord (born 1948) is an English sculptor and art historian based in Wales. He is best known for his books and television programmes about the history of Welsh art, and is regarded as a leading authority on the subject.

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    Lord Peter Death Bredon Wimsey DSO is the fictional protagonist in a series of detective novels and short stories by Dorothy L. Sayers. A dilettante who solves mysteries for his own amusement, Wimsey is an archetype for the British gentleman detective. Lord Peter is often assisted by his valet and former batman, Mervyn Bunter; by his good friend and later brother-in-law, police detective Charles Parker; and, in a few books, by Harriet Vane, who becomes his wife.

    Born in 1890 and ageing in real time, Wimsey is described as being of average height, with straw-coloured hair, a beaked nose, and a vaguely foolish face. Reputedly his looks were patterned after those of academic and poet Roy Ridley, whom Sayers briefly met after witnessing him

    Lord Peter was the second of the three children of Mortimer Wimsey, 15th Duke of Denver, and Honoria Lucasta Delagardie, who lives on throughout the novels as the Dowager Duchess of Denver. She is witty and intelligent, and strongly supports her younger son, whom she plainly pref

    To his uncle's disappointment, Peter fell deeply in love with a young woman named Barbara and became engaged to her. When the First World War broke out, he hastened to join the British Army, releasing Barbara from her engagement in case he was killed or mutilated. The girl later

    Wimsey is described as having authored numerous books, among them the following fictitious works: 1. Notes on the Collecting of Incunabula 2. The Murderer's Vade-Mecum

    Dorothy Sayers wrote 11 Wimsey novels and a number of short stories featuring Wimsey and his family. Other recurring characters include Inspector Charles Parker, the family solicitor Mr Murbles, barrister Sir Impey Biggs, journalist Salcombe Hardy, and family friend and financial whiz the Honourable Freddy Arbuthnot, who finds himself entangled in the case in the first of the Wimsey books, Whose Body?. Sayers wrote no more Wimsey murder mysteries, and only one story involving him, after the outb

    In How I Came to Invent the Character of Lord Peter Wimsey, Sayers wrote: Lord Peter's large income... I deliberately gave him... After all it cost me nothing and at the time I was particularly hard up and it gave me pleasure to spend his fortune for him. When I was dissatisfied with my single unfurnished room I took a luxurious flat for him in Piccadilly. When my cheap rug got a hole in it, I ordered him an Aubusson carpet. When I had no money to pay my bus fare I presented him with a Daimler d

    Many episodes in the Wimsey books express a mild satire on the British class system, in particular in depicting the relationship between Wimsey and Bunter. The two of them are clearly the best and closest of friends, yet Bunter is invariably punctilious in using "my lord" even when they are alone, and "his lordship" in company. In a brief passage written from Bunter's point of view in Busman's Honeymoon Bunter is seen, even in the privacy of his own mind, to be thinking of his employer as "His L

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    Peter Lord, CBE (born 4 No­vem­ber 1953) is an Eng­lish an­i­ma­tor, film pro­ducer, di­rec­tor and co-founder of the Acad­emy Award -win­ning Aard­man An­i­ma­tions stu­dio, an an­i­ma­tion firm best known for its clay-an­i­mated films and shorts, par­tic­u­larly those fea­tur­ing plas­ticine duo Wal­lace and Gromit.

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    Peter Lord Peter Lord, född 4 november 1953 i Bristol, är en brittisk filmproducent och regissör. Tillsammans med David Sproxton grundade han 1972 företaget Aardman Animations.

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    Peter Lorre (born László Löwenstein; 26 June 1904 – 23 March 1964) was a Hungarian-American actor.Lorre began his stage career in Vienna before moving to Germany where he worked first on the stage, then in film in Berlin in the late 1920s and early 1930s.

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    Peter Lord Fra Wikipedia, den frie encyklopædi Peter Lord var engelsk filminstruktør, producer, og animator. Han er bedst kendt fra den populær stop motionfilm Walter og Trofast og Flugten fra Hønsegården.

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    Peter Lord passed away on February 16, 2017 at the age of 91. The obituary was featured in The Times on February 23, 2017.

  10. Peter Lord may well have been one of the first preachers to adopt a conversational preaching style. And I really shouldn’t say “adopt” for it wasn’t something he decided to do; its just who he was. He didn’t pretend to have a personality that wasn’t his.

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