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    A private is a soldier of the lowest military rank (equivalent to NATO Rank Grades OR-1 to OR-3 depending on the force served in). In modern military writing, "private" is abridged to "Pte" in the United Kingdom and other Commonwealth of Nations countries and to "Pvt" in the United States.

    • Field Marshal

      Field marshal (or field-marshal, abbreviated as FM) is the...

    • Etymology

      The term derives from the medieval term "private soldiers",...

    • Asia

      In Indonesia, this rank is referred to as Tamtama, which is...

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    A private is the lowest rank of the Army or Marines. The rank is earned after joining the service or graduating from a military camp. This short article about the military can be made longer. You can help Wikipedia by adding to it.

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    • Etymology
    • Asia
    • Commonwealth
    • Europe and Latin America
    • United States

    The term derives from the medieval term "private soldiers" (a term still used in the United Kingdom), denoting soldiers who were either hired, conscripted, or feudalized into service by a nobleman forming an army. The usage of "private" dates from the 18th century.


    1. For information, you may refer to Israel Defense Forces ranks. In the Israel Defense Forces, טוראי Turai ("private") refers to the lowest enlisted rank. After 7–10 months of service (7 for combatants, 8 for combat support and 10 for non-combatants) soldiers are promoted from private to corporal (rav-turai or rabat), if they performed their duties appropriately during this time. Soldiers who take a commander's course, are prisoner instructors or practical engineers become corporals earlier....


    The equivalent ranks to privates within the North and South Korean armies are il-byong and e-byong. The symbol for this rank is 1 line ( | ) or 2 lines ( || ). Private second class is known by 1 line, while private first class is 2 lines.


    Once recruits complete their Basic Military Training (BMT) or Basic Rescue Training (BRT), they attain the rank of private (PTE). Privates do not wear ranks on their rank holder.


    In the Australian Army, a soldier of private rank wears no insignia.Like its British Army counterpart, the Australian Army rank of private (PTE) has other titles, depending on the corps and specification of that service member. The following alternative ranks are available for privates in the Australian Army: 1. Craftsman (CFN) – Royal Australian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers 2. Gunner (GNR) – Royal Australian Artillery 3. Sapper (SPR) – Royal Australian Engineers; 4. Musician (MUSN) –...


    In the Canadian Forces, there are three levels of private: private (recruit), private (basic), and private (trained). All persons holding the rank of private are referred to as such and the qualifier shown in brackets is used on employment records only. A private is considered an "apprentice" in their trade, and there are no pay raises between the various levels of private except for time in rank raise. The Canadian Army and Royal Canadian Air Forcehave an identical rank structure. 1. Private...

    India and Pakistan

    In the Indian Army and Pakistan Army the lowest enlisted rank is sepoy, literally meaning "soldier" in Urdu. A sepoy does not wear any rank insignia on his uniform. Sipahis are sometimes also referred to as jawan, literally meaning "young" in Urdu.

    Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Mexico and Spain

    The equivalent rank to private in the Spanish, Mexican, Colombian, Dominican and Argentinian army is the soldado raso meaning "rankless soldier" or simply soldado.


    On enlistment in the Belgian army one is given the rank of soldaat, whether one wishes to be a volunteer, non-commissioned officer or officer. Subsequent rank depends on the branch of the service: for example, at the Koninklijke Militaire Academie (for officer training) one is soon promoted to the rank of corporaal("corporal"). The insignia is a simple black mark.

    Brazil and Portugal

    The equivalent rank to private in the Brazilian and Portuguese Armed Forces is the soldadomeaning soldier.

    In the U.S. Army, private (PVT) is used for the two lowest enlisted ranks, just below private first class. The lowest rank is officially known as "private E-1" (PV1) and sometimes referred to as recruit, but also held by some soldiers after punishment through the Uniform Code of Military Justice or prisoners after conviction until they are dishonorably discharged. A PV1 wears no uniform insignia; since the advent of the Army Combat Uniform, the term "fuzzy" has come into vogue, referring to the blank velcro patch on the ACU where the rank would normally be placed. The second rank, private E-2 (PV2), wears a single chevron, known colloquially as "mosquito wings". Advancement to the PV2 is automatic after six months time in service, but may get shortened to four months if given a waiver. An Eagle Scout may enlist at anytime and will automatically be promoted to PFC. The term of address, "Private," may be properly applied to any Army soldier E-1 (PV1) to E-3 (PFC). In the U.S. Marine C...

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    Normal private rank, to my understanding, is something higher than buck private. 20:32, 22 August 2013 (UTC) Canadian Privates. I deleted the references to corporals and higher ranks since this page is about privates, not corporals, the former rank of lance corporals, or master corporals.

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    Private (novel series), young-adult book series launched in 2006; Film and television. Private, 2004 Italian film; Private, 2009 web series based on the novel series; Privates, 2013 BBC One TV series; Private, a character in Madagascar; Other uses. Private (rank), a military rank; Privates, 2010 video game

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    Private Private (Pte, Pvt, PV1, PV2) is the lowest enlisted rank in the British Army, United States Army and the United States Marine Corps. Private is equivalent to OR-1 on the NATO rank scale, whilst some forces have an additional Private rank at OR-2, other forces straddle both OR-1 and OR-2.

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    A private is a soldier of the lowest military rank (equivalent to NATO Rank Grades OR-1 to OR-3 depending on the force served in).

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    Senior principal private secretary (Senior PPS) is a Senior Group A Gazetted Selection post one rank above principal private secretary that takes care of the office of a secretary to the Government of India or the equivalent rank officer Member CBBC or Member Railway Board.

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    Ranks. All the branches of the US military have both Officers and Enlisted. Most Enlisted people with a rank of E-4 and above are called Non-commissioned Officers (NCOs); the exception is the Air Force where E-5 is considered the first NCO rank.

    • Males & Females ages 17–49:, 109,305,756 (2005 est.).
    • Males & Females: 4,180,074 (2005 est.)
    • 17–45 years old
    • 2,685,713 (Ranked 2nd)
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