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    Four-way tag team elimination match. Much like in a three-way tag team elimination match, a four-way tag team elimination match (also known as a "fatal four-way tag team elimination match", and at times has also been called the "Raw Bowl" and the "Superstars Bowl"), four teams compete.

  2. Professional wrestling match types - Wikipedia › wiki › Professional_wrestling

    Many types of wrestling matches, sometimes called "concept" or "gimmick matches" in the jargon of the business, are performed in professional wrestling.Some gimmick matches are more common than others and are often used to advance or conclude a storyline.

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    Usually in two-on-one Handicap matches, the matches are officiated under tag team rules (The side that has the advantage must tag in and out of the match or risk being disqualified). If both wrestlers on the side with the advantage remain inside the ring at the same time and the referee reaches a count of five, the team or just the illegal wrestler (if elimination rules apply), with the advantage will be disqualified.

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  5. Professional wrestling tag team match types — Wikipedia ... › en › Professional_wrestling_tag_team
    • Multiple Wrestlers Teamed Matches
    • Elimination-Style Matches
    • Mixed Matches
    • Parejas Increibles Match
    • Parejas Suicidas
    • Scramble
    • Tag Team Battle Royal
    • Tornado Tag Team Match

    Tag team matches can range from two teams of two fight­ing, to mul­ti­ple per­son teams chal­leng­ing each other. Such ex­am­ples are six-man tag team matches or eight-man tag team matches, in which two teams of three or two teams of four fight in a stan­dard one fall tag team match.

    Elimination tag team matches

    Elim­i­na­tion tag team matches are the same as a nor­mal tag team match ex­cept that a wrestler who suf­fers a loss is elim­i­nated from par­tic­i­pa­tion. The match con­tin­ues until all mem­bers of one team are elim­i­nated. WWE uses the term "Sur­vivor Se­ries match" to de­note an eight or ten per­son match held dur­ing their yearly Sur­vivor Se­ries pay-per-view. Lucha libre wrestling pro­mo­tions use the term tor­neo ciber­netico(cy­ber­netic tour­na­ment) for multi-per­son elim­i­na­ti...

    Intergender tag team match

    This tag-team match fea­tures mixed-sex teams. It dif­fers from a mixed tag team match in that wrestler of dif­fer­ent gen­ders may face each other. Six-per­son in­ter­gen­der tag team matches are also com­mon, pop­u­lar­ized in the early 2000s by Team Xtreme.

    Mixed tag team match

    This type of match fea­tures ei­ther mixed-sex or mixed-size (midgetswith a nor­mal-sized wrestler). Each wrestler is des­ig­nated by cat­e­gory, which are male or fe­male with mixed-sex teams and nor­mal or midget with mixed-size teams. Only wrestlers in the same cat­e­gory may be in the ring at the same time. For ex­am­ple, if a woman tags her male part­ner, both women leave the ring and both men enter. If a midget tags his nor­mal-size part­ner, both midgets leave the ring and both nor­mal...

    In this match the teams are com­posed of en­e­mies or ri­vals. It is meant to il­lus­trate the ten­sion be­tween the de­sire to win and the ha­tred for one's rival. Matches with these pairs are used more fre­quently in Mex­ico than any­where else. Since 2011 Con­sejo Mundial de Lucha Libre (CMLL) holds their CMLL Tor­neo Na­cional de Pare­jas In­creibles. In the United States, how­ever, this type of tag team for­mat is used some­times used in WWE, where it is called a "strange bed­fel­lows" match. The now-de­funct World Cham­pi­onship Wrestling re­ferred to this type of tag team for­mat as the "lethal lot­tery", with the mem­bers of the win­ning tag teams ad­vanc­ing to the Bat­tle­bowl bat­tle royal.

    An­other lucha libre vari­a­tion of the tag team match, this one be­gins as a reg­u­lar tag match but the two mem­bers from the los­ing team are forced to face each other in a lucha de apues­tas (bet match), where the loser is forced to ei­ther un­maskor have their hair shaved off.

    Pri­mar­ily as­so­ci­ated with Ring of Honor, a Scram­ble tag team match has one dif­fer­ence from the nor­mal rules: when a wrestler goes out of the ring ei­ther of their own vo­li­tion or by being forced out, a part­ner can come in as a re­place­ment with­out being tagged in. This for­mat is most com­monly used in ei­ther four cor­ner tags, or with teams of more than 2. The Scram­ble match can also be done as a six-man scram­ble where any­one can tag in any­one. This rule is also the norm for all Dragon Gatetag matches.

    This match is con­ducted sim­i­larly to a bat­tle royal. If a wrestler is thrown over the ring ropes, both they and their part­ner are elim­i­nated from the match. In most cases both wrestlers are con­sid­ered ac­tive at the same time and there are no tags, as in a tor­nado tag team match. An­other vari­a­tion of the tag team bat­tle royal was used dur­ing the 2011 WWE draft, where the wrestler's team has to elim­i­nate all mem­bers of the op­pos­ing team, much like an elim­i­na­tion tag team match where the los­ing wrestler of a team, who just got thrown over the ring ropes with both feet on the floor, must re­turn to his locker room. In this vari­a­tion, the team con­sists of more than 2 men, all of whom are legal at the same time.

    Orig­i­nally known as the Texas Tor­nado match. In this match, all wrestlers in­volved are al­lowed to be in the ring at the same time, and thus all wrestlers are vul­ner­a­ble to hav­ing a fall scored against them. Whether or not it is truly a "tag team match" is de­bat­able, as it in­volves no tag­ging, but it is con­tested be­tween tag teams. The first match of this kind was held on Oc­to­ber 2, 1937, in Hous­ton be­tween Milo Stein­born and Whiskers Sav­age against Tiger Daulaand Fazul Mo­hammed. It was the brain­child of pro­moter Mor­ris Sigel.

  6. Professional wrestling tournament - Wikipedia › wiki › Professional_wrestling

    The match is a 16-man elimination tag team match consisting of 2 teams of 8. It uses standard Lucha Libre tag-team rules with elimination occurring with a pinfall, submission, disqualification and count out. A special 'batting' system is also used in which the wrestlers are given a specific order and may only tag in and out in this order.

  7. Professional wrestling tag team match types | Pro Wrestling ... › wiki › Professional

    Four corners tag team elimination match. Four teams compete with one member of each of two teams starting. Anyone could be tagged in by anyone else and can be subject to immediate disqualification for failure to accept a tag. When a wrestler is pinned the team is eliminated and the last team of the four wins.

  8. Professional wrestling tag team match types Multiple ... › en › Professional_wrestling_tag

    Elimination-style matches Elimination tag team matches. Elimination tag team matches are the same as a normal tag team match except that a wrestler who suffers a loss is eliminated from participation. The match continues until all members of one team are eliminated.

  9. Professional Wrestling Match Types - World Sports Wikia › wiki › Professional

    Many types of professional wrestling matches, sometimes called "concept" or "gimmick matches" in the jargon of the business, are performed in professional wrestling. 1 Single Matches 1.1 Battle Royal 1.2 Elimination Chamber 1.3 Hell in a Cell 1.4 I Quit 1.5 Iron Man 1.6 King of the Mountain 1.7 Money in the Bank 1.8 Monster's Ball 1.9 Ladder 1.10 Royal Rumble 1.11 Tables, Ladders and Chairs 1 ...

  10. Evolution (professional wrestling) - Wikipedia › wiki › Evolution_(professional

    The Shield defeated Evolution in a six-man tag team match at Extreme Rules, and in a six-man No Holds Barred elimination tag match at Payback, in which none of The Shield were eliminated. On the June 2 episode of Raw , Batista quit the WWE ( kayfabe ) after his title match request was denied by Triple H due to Daniel Bryan's neck injury at the ...

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