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    A puppet state, puppet régime or puppet government is a state that is de jure independent but de facto completely dependent upon an outside power and subject to its orders. Puppet states have nominal sovereignty , but a foreign power effectively exercises control through means such as financial interests, economic, or military support.

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      The term is a metaphor which compares a state or government...

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      The Batavian Republic was established in the Netherlands...

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    In World War II the Axis countriescreated some puppet states, like: 1. Kingdom of Albania (1939-1943, puppet state of Italy) 2. Hungarian State of National Unity (1944-1945, puppet state of Nazi Germany) 3. Manchukuo (1932-1945, puppet state of the Empire of Japan) 4. Independent State of Croatia (1941- 1945, puppet state of Italy and Nazi Germany) 5. Slovak Republic (1939-1945, puppet state of Nazi Germany) 6. Vichy France (1940-1942, puppet state of Nazi Germany) 7. Free State of Burma (1943-1945, puppet state of the Empire of Japan) After Italy surrendered in World War II the Italian Social Republicwas a puppet state created by Germany.

    During the Cold War (1945-1989) these Eastern European countries were puppet states of the Soviet Union: 1. People's Republic of Bulgaria (Soviet Union) 2. Czechoslovak Socialist Republic (Soviet Union) 1. East Germany (Soviet Union) 2. Hungarian People's Republic (Soviet Union) 3. Socialist Republic of Romania (Soviet Union) 4. Polish People's Republic (Soviet Union) 5. Democratic Republic of Albania (Soviet Union) 6. Mongolian People's Republic (Soviet Union) 7. Socialist Republic of Yugoslavia (Soviet Union) 8. Democratic Republic of Vietnam aka North Vietnam (Soviet Union) 1. North Korea (Soviet Union) , (until 1976) Next are economic puppets: 1. Austria (mostly in the north east including Vienna and the old Soviet occupation zone until 1955) (Soviet Union) In some of these countries the people overthrew the government, but each time they did that (before 1989) the Soviet Union and some of its other puppet states invaded and put the old government back in power. The Soviet Union...

    There are these countries that can be called puppet states now: 1. Donetsk People’s Republic (puppet state of Russia) 2. Luhansk People’s Republic (puppet state of Russia) 3. Nagorno-Karabakh (puppet state of Armenia) 4. Northern Cyprus (puppet state of Turkey) 5. South Ossetia (puppet state of Russia) 6. Abkhazia (puppet state of Russia) 7. Transnistria (puppet state of Russia) 8. Azawad (puppet state of Mali)

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    • Japan
    • Germany
    • Italy

    Empire of Japan had been creating puppet states in China since the 1931 Mukden Incident. It established a puppet state in 1932.

    German Reich had a large number of puppet states after the start of World War II. Some were countries that once supported it, but fell to the Allies. Others were countries that Germany invaded. Reichskommissariats are not included in this list.

    Italy did not have nearly as many puppet states as its partner Axis countries, however, Italy did co-administer some countries in the Balkans with Germany, Greece, in particular. Italy's puppet states were captured by Germany after the Armistice of Cassibile.

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    • 19th Century
    • World War I
    • World War II
    • Decolonization and Cold War
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    The Bata­vian Re­pub­lic was es­tab­lished in the Nether­lands under French rev­o­lu­tion­ary pro­tec­tion. In East­ern Eu­rope, France es­tab­lished a Pol­ish client state of the Duchy of War­saw. In Italy, re­publics were cre­ated in the late 18th and early 19th cen­turies with the as­sis­tance and en­cour­age­ment of Napoleonic France (see also French client re­publics). In 1836 U.S. cit­i­zens al­lowed to live in the Mex­i­can state of Texas re­volted against the Mex­i­can gov­ern­ment to es­tab­lish a U.S.-backed Re­pub­lic of Texas, a coun­try that ex­isted less than 10 years (from May 14, 1836 to De­cem­ber 29, 1845) be­fore it was an­nexed to the United States of Amer­ica.How­ever, in Au­gust 1837, Memu­can Hunt, Jr., the Texan min­is­ter to the United States, sub­mit­ted the first of­fi­cial an­nex­a­tion pro­posal to the Van Buren ad­min­is­tra­tion (the first Amer­i­can-led at­tempts to take over Mex­i­can Texas by fil­i­bus­ter­ing date back to 1819 and by sep­a­ratist s...

    Kingdom of Poland (1916–1918) – The Central Powers' forces occupied Russian Congress Poland in 1915 and in 1916 the German Empire and Austria-Hungary created a Polish Monarchy in order to exploit t...
    Kingdom of Lithuania (1918) – after Russia's defeat and the territorial cessions of the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk, the Germans established a Lithuanian kingdom. However it became an independent repub...
    Duchy of Courland and Semigallia (1918) – in 1915 the Imperial German forces occupied the Russian Courland Governorate and the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk ended the war in the east, so the local ethnic...
    Kingdom of Finland (1918) – A short-lived monarchy in Finland after the end of czarist rule.

    Imperial Japan

    Dur­ing Japan's im­pe­r­ial pe­riod, and par­tic­u­larly dur­ing the Pa­cific War (parts of which are con­sid­ered the Pa­cific the­atre of World War II), the Im­pe­r­ial Japan­ese regime es­tab­lished a num­ber of de­pen­dent states. 1. Manchukuo (1932–1945), set up in Manchuria under the leadership of the last Chinese Emperor, Puyi. 2. North Shanxi Autonomous Government(1937-1939), was formed in northern Shanxi with its capital at Datong on October 15, 1937. The state was then merged with S...

    Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy

    Sev­eral Eu­ro­pean gov­ern­ments under the dom­i­na­tion of Ger­many and Italy dur­ing World War II have been de­scribed as "pup­pet régimes". The for­mal means of con­trol in oc­cu­pied Eu­ropevar­ied greatly. These states fall into sev­eral cat­e­gories. 1. Government of National Unity (1944–1945) – The pro-Nazi régime of Prime Minister Ferenc Szálasi supported by the Arrow Cross Party was a German puppet régime. Arrow Cross was a pro-German, anti-Semitic Fascist party. Szálasi was install...

    Allies during and post-World War II

    1. Tuvan People's Republic,[disputed – discuss] also Tannu Tuva(1921–1944) achieved independence from China by means of local nationalist revolutions only to come under the domination of the Soviet Union in the 1920s. In 1944, Tannu Tuva was absorbed into the Soviet Union. 2. Second East Turkestan Republic (1931–1949) – The Second East Turkestan Republic, usually known as the East Turkistan Republic (ETR), was a short-lived Soviet-backed separatist republic which existed in the 1940s in what...

    In some cases, the process of de­col­o­niza­tion has been man­aged by the de­col­o­niz­ing power to cre­ate a neo-colony, that is a nom­i­nally in­de­pen­dent state whose econ­omy and pol­i­tics per­mits con­tin­ued for­eign dom­i­na­tion. Neo-colonies are not nor­mally con­sid­ered pup­pet states.

    Republic of Kuwait

    The Re­pub­lic of Kuwait was a short-lived pro-Iraqi state in the Per­sian Gulf that only ex­isted three weeks be­fore it was an­nexed by Iraqin 1990.

    Republic of Serbian Krajina

    The Re­pub­lic of Ser­bian Kra­jina was a self pro­claimed and by Ser­bian forces eth­nic cleansed ter­ri­tory dur­ing the Croa­t­ian War (1991–95). It was not rec­og­nized in­ter­na­tion­ally. That regime was com­pletely de­pen­dent to the Ser­bian regime of Slo­bo­dan Milošević.


    1. Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic – The Polisario Front's government-in-exile has been accused by Morocco of being a puppet state used by Algeria to fight a proxy waragainst Morocco.


    1. Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) functions as a de facto part of Armenia. In 2015, the European Court of Human Rights ruled that Artsakh and its administration survives by virtue of the military, political, financial and other support given to it by Armenia which, consequently, exercises effective control over Artsakh and the surrounding territories."


    1. Wa State – The de facto independent Wa State in Myanmaris considered a puppet state that is linked with China.


    1. Yemen – The Houthi government are considered by some to be a puppet state which is supported by Iran.This classification is disputed, however.

    United States

    1. Israel has been described as a puppet state of the United States by Haaretz, for providing the Israeli state with billions of dollars in foreign and military aid, in addition to shielding the regime from international criticism and calls for investigations of what they consider serious human rightsviolations.

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    The article defines a puppet state as "a state that is supposedly independent but is in fact dependent upon an outside power. It is nominally sovereign but effectively controlled by a foreign or otherwise alien power, for reasons such as financial interests."

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    A puppet state is a metaphor of a state that is supposedly independent but is in fact dependent upon an outside power. It is nominally sovereign but effectively controlled by a foreign or otherwise alien power, for reasons such as financial interests. A puppet state preserves the external paraphernalia of independence like a name, flag, anthem, constitution, law codes and motto but in reality is an organ of another state which created or sponsored the government. Puppet states are not recognized as legitimate under international law.

    In the Middle Ages vassal states existed which were based on delegation of rule of a country from a King to noble men of lower rank. Since the Peace of Westphalia of 1648 the concept of a nation came into existence where sovereignty was connected more to the people who inhabited the land than to the nobility who owned the land. The term is a metaphor which compares a state or government to a puppet controlled by an outside puppeteer using strings. The first recorded use of the term "puppet government" is from 1884, in reference to the Khedivate of Egypt.


    1. Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic – The Polisario Front's rebel government-in-exile.


    1. Nagorno-Karabakh Republic functions as a de facto part of Armenia.


    1. Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus – According to the European Court of Human Rights, Republic of Cyprus remains the sole legitimate government in Cyprus and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus should be considered as a puppet state under Turkish effective control.

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    Puppet state - Wiki Map of the Finnish Democratic Republic (1939–40), a short-lived puppet state of the Soviet Union. Green indicates the area that the Soviet Union planned to ceded to the Finnish Democratic Republic, and red the areas ceded by Democratic Finland to the Soviet Union.

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    Puppet state - Wikipedia. A estado ng papet, papet régime o papet na gobyerno ay isang estado yan ay de jure malaya ngunit talaga ganap na umaasa sa isang labas kapangyarihan at napapailalim sa mga utos nito. Ang mga estado ng papet ay may nominal soberanya, ngunit ang isang dayuhang lakas ay mabisang nagsasagawa ng kontrol sa pamamagitan ng ...

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    • Puppet States in World War I
    • Puppet States of Imperial Japan
    • Puppet States of Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy
    • Puppet States of Allied Forces During and Post WWII
    • Decolonization and Cold War
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    Nominally independent states influenced by stronger powers have existed through history, but the advent of modern theories of state sovereignty makes 19th century Europe a natural starting point for such a discussion.

    Belarusian National Republic (1918–1919) – Part of the German Empire's plan of Mitteleuropa. Later became a part of the Soviet Union.
    Kingdom of Poland (1916–1918) – The Central Powers' forces occupied Russian Congress Poland in 1915 and in 1916 the German Empire and Austria-Hungary created a Polish Monarchy in order to exploit t...
    Duchy of Courland and Semigallia (1918) – in 1915 the Imperial German forces occupied the Russian Courland Governorate and the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk ended the war in the east, so the local ethnic...

    During Japan's imperial period, and particularly during the Pacific War (parts of which are considered the Pacific theatre of World War II), Japan established a number of states that historians have come to consider puppet régimes.

    Several European governments under the domination of Germany and Italy during World War II have been described as "puppet régimes". The formal means of control in occupied Europevaried greatly. These states fall into several categories.

    Puppet states of the Soviet Union

    1. Tuvinian People's Republic, also Tannu Tuva(1921–1944) Achieved independence from China by means of local nationalist revolutions only to come under the domination of the Soviet Union in the 1920s. In 1944, Tannu Tuva was absorbed into the Soviet Union. 2. Finnish Democratic Republic (1939–1940) - The Finnish Democratic Republic (Suomen Kansanvaltainen Tasavalta) was a short-lived Soviet puppet regime in those minor parts of Finland that were occupied by the Soviet Union during the Winter...

    Puppet states of the United Kingdom

    The Axis demand for oil and the concern of the Allies that Germany would look to the oil-rich Middle East for a solution, caused the invasion of Iraq by the United Kingdom and the invasion of Iran by the United Kingdom and the Soviet Union. Pro-Axis governments in both Iraq and Iran were removed and replaced with Allied-dominated governments. 1. Kingdom of Iraq (1941–1943) - Iraq was important to the United Kingdom because of its position on the route to India. Iraq also could provide strateg...

    In some cases, the process of decolonization has been managed by the decolonizing power to create a neo-colony, that is a nominally independent state whose economy and politics permits continued foreign domination. Neo-colonies are not normally considered puppet states.

    Republic of Kuwait

    The Republic of Kuwait was a short-lived pro-Ba'athist Iraq state in the Persian Gulf that only existed three weeks before it was annexed by Iraq.

    Northern Cyprus

    Due to Northern Cyprus' isolation and heavy dependence on Turkish support, Turkey has a high level of control over the country's decision-making processes. This has led to some experts stating that it runs as an effective puppet state of Turkey.Few political decisions in Northern Cyprus are taken without the approval of the Turkish National Security council in Ankara.

    South Ossetia

    South Ossetia has declared independence but its ability to maintain independence is solely based on Russian troops deployed on its territory. As South Ossetia is landlocked between Russia and Georgia, from which it seceded, it has to rely on Russia for economic and logistical support, as its entire exports and imports and air and road traffic is only between Russia. Former President of South Ossetia Eduard Kokoityclaimed he would like South Ossetia eventually to become a part of the Russian F...

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