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  2. Republika Srpska - Wikipedia › wiki › Republika_Srpska

    Republika Srpska covers 24,816.2 square kilometres (9,582 square miles), excluding the Brčko District, which is held in condominium by both entities, but is de facto sovereign within Bosnia and Herzegovina. Republika Srpska, if it were a country, would be 146th largest in the world.

  3. Bosnia and Herzegovina - Wikipedia › wiki › Bosnia_and_Herzegovina:

    However, the central government's power is highly limited, as the country is largely decentralized and comprises two autonomous entities: the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Republika Srpska, with a third unit, the Brčko District, governed under local government. The Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina consists of 10 cantons.

  4. Republika Srpska 2021: Best of Republika Srpska, Bosnia and ... › Tourism-g3676477-Republika

    Republika Srpska Tourism: Tripadvisor has 12,088 reviews of Republika Srpska Hotels, Attractions, and Restaurants making it your best Republika Srpska resource.

  5. Republika Srpska (1992–1995) - Wikipedia › wiki › Serbian_Republic_of_Bosnia
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    The Republika Srpska was a state in Southeastern Europe under the control of the Army of Republika Srpska during the Bosnian War. It claimed to be a sovereign state, though this claim was not recognized by the Bosnian government, the United Nations, or any other recognized state. For the first few months of its existence, it was known as the Serbian Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina. After 1995, the RS is recognized as one of the two political entities composing Bosnia and Herzegovina. The bord

    Representatives of main political and national organizations and institutions of Serb people in Bosnia and Herzegovina met on 13 October 1990 in Banja Luka and created "Serbian National Council of Bosnia and Herzegovina" as a coordinative and representative political body. During

    On 12 May 1992, at a session of the Bosnian Serb assembly, Radovan Karadžić announced the six "strategic objectives" of the Serb people in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Establish state borders separating the Serb people from the other two ethnic communities. Set up a corridor ...

    Many Serbs from what was now the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina moved to Republika Srpska and Serbia. Notably, most Serbs left Sarajevo.

    After the war numerous laws were passed by the Republika Srpska authorities under the auspices of the international community acting through the Office of the High Representative. Many laws dealt with the issues and consequences of the war and served to repair some of the problem

    In September 2002, the Republika Srpska Office of Relations with the ICTY issued the "Report about Case Srebrenica". The document, authored by Darko Trifunović, was endorsed by many leading Bosnian Serb politicians. It concluded that 1,800 Bosnian Muslim soldiers died ...

  6. Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina - Wikipedia › wiki › Federation_of_Bosnia_and
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    Federal entity in Bosnia and Herzegovina Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina Federacija Bosne i Hercegovine Федерација Босне и Херцеговине Federal entity Location of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina within Bosnia and Herzegovina.a Country Bosnia and Herzegovina Washington Agreement18 March 1994 Recognized as part of Bosnia and Herzegovina14 December 1995 Capital and largest city Sarajevo 43°52′N 18°25′E / 43.867°N 18.417°E / 43.867; 18...

    The basis for the creation of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina were laid down by the Washington Agreement of March 1994. Under the agreement, the combined territory held by the Army of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Croatian Defence Council forces was to be divided into ten autonomous cantons along the lines of the Vance-Owen plan. The cantonal system was selected to prevent dominance of one ethnic group over another. However, much of the territory Croats and Bosniaks cla

    The Inter-Entity Boundary Line that distinguishes Bosnia and Herzegovina's two entities runs along the frontlines as they existed at the end of the Bosnian War, with adjustments, as defined by the Dayton Agreement. The total length of the IEBL is approximately 1,080 km. The IEBL is an administrative demarcation and not controlled by the military or police and there is free movement across it. Five of the cantons are Bosniak-majority cantons, three are Croat-majority cantons, and two are 'ethnica

    The government and politics of the Federation are dominated by two large parties, the Bosniak Party of Democratic Action and the Croatian Democratic Union of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Entity-level institutions include: 1. Federation President with two Vice-Presidents 2. Federation Government with guaranteed ethnic representation 3. Bicameral Parliament: House of Representatives as the lower house and House of Peoples as the upper house, protecting the interests of three constituent peoples; 4. Fed

  7. Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) Republika Srpska › ba-republika-srpska

    Republika Srpska [Serb Republic] is a constituent part of Bosnia and Herzegovina, an internationally recognized state.

  8. Proposed secession of Republika Srpska - Wikipedia › wiki › Proposed_secession_of
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    The Dayton Agreement ended the Bosnian War and created the federal republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which consists of the Bosniak and Croat-inhabited Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Serb-inhabited Republika Srpska. Although the Bosnian Serbs were viewed as "anti-Dayton" during the first years after the war, since 2000 they have been staunch supporters of the Dayton Agreement and the preservation of RS. Bosniaks generally view RS as illegitimate, and an independence referendum fro

    During the Yugoslav Wars, the aim of Republika Srpska was unification with the rest of what were considered Serb lands — the Republic of Serbian Krajina, Republic of Serbia and Republic of Montenegro – in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. The United Serb Republic was a project to unify of RS and RSK before annexation by the "mother-state of Serbia". The Serb and Croat political leadership agreed on a partition of BiH with the 1991 Karađorđevo meeting and the 1992 Graz agreement ...

    On 12 September 1996, Republika Srpska president Biljana Plavšić called for its secession and unification with the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia; since that contravened the Dayton Agreement, however, the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe compelled her ...

    Although the Bosnian Serbs were viewed as "anti-Dayton" shortly after the war, they have been staunch supporters of the Dayton Agreement and RS preservation since 2000. The Bosniak Party for Bosnia and Herzegovina has called for the abolition of RS. In 2003, Aleksandar Jokic wrot

    According to a November 2010 poll of Bosnian Serbs by the Brussels-based Gallup Balkan Monitor, 88 percent would support a referendum on Republika Srpska's independence from Bosnia and Herzegovina. RS proposed a 2011 referendum on possibly leaving Bosnian institutions, which was

  9. Is the Dream of a United Bosnia and Herzegovina Over? › region › europe

    Mar 22, 2019 · The federal republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina is composed of regional bodies — Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Republika Srspka — formed along ethnic allegiances and has a rotating presidency to appease each entity; an electoral based on proportional representation further compounds a complicated government system.

  10. Bosnia and Herzegovina: Republika Srpska | World Prison Brief › country › bosnia-and-herzegovina

    BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINA: REPUBLIKA SRPSKA. Year. Number in pre-trial/remand imprisonment. Percentage of total prison population. Pre-trial/remand population rate (per ...

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