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  1. The Rhine Province ( German: Rheinprovinz ), also known as Rhenish Prussia ( Rheinpreußen) or synonymous with the Rhineland ( Rheinland ), was the westernmost province of the Kingdom of Prussia and the Free State of Prussia, within the German Reich, from 1822 to 1946. It was created from the provinces of the Lower Rhine and Jülich-Cleves-Berg.

    • Demographics

      The population of the Rhine Province in 1905 was 6,435,778,...

    • Government

      For purposes of administration the province was divided into...

    • Economy

      Of the total area of the Rhine Province about 45% was...

    • History

      In the 1815 Congress of Vienna, Prussia gained control of...

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    Currently Rhine water runs into the sea, or into former marine bays now separated from the sea, in five places, namely at the mouths of the Nieuwe Merwede, Nieuwe Waterway (Nieuwe Maas), Dordtse Kil, Spui and IJssel. The Rhine-Meuse Delta is a tidal delta, shaped not only by the sedimentation of the rivers, but also by tidal currents. This ...

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    The Province of North Rhine (German: Provinz Nordrhein), also called North Rhine Province (Nordrhein-Provinz or Nord-Rheinprovinz), was a short-lived administrative region in the British occupation zone of Germany, which was formed from the northern part of the Rhine Province after the end of the Second World War.

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    The Rhine Province (green) as of 1830 superimposed on modern borders. Historically, the Rhinelands refers (physically speaking) to a loosely defined region embracing the land on the banks of the Rhine in Central Europe, which were settled by Ripuarian and Salian Franks and became part of Frankish Austrasia.

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