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    Pop rock (also typeset as pop/rock) is rock music with a greater emphasis on professional songwriting and recording craft, and less emphasis on attitude. Originating in the late 1950s as an alternative to normal rock and roll, early pop rock was influenced by the beat, arrangements, and original style of rock and roll (and sometimes doo-wop).

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      Critic Philip Auslander argues that the distinction between...

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  3. Band (rock and pop) - Wikipedia

    The smallest ensemble commonly used in rock music is the trio format. In a hard-rock or blues-rock band, or heavy-metal rock group, a "power trio" format is often used, which consists of an electric guitar player, an electric bass guitar player, and a drummer, and typically one or more of these musicians also sing (sometimes all three members sing, e.g. Bee Gees or Alkaline Trio).

  4. Pop rock is a subgenre of pop music and rock music that uses catchy pop style, with light lyrics over top of guitar -based songs. Pop rock is very popular. Famous singers like Taylor Swift sing in the pop rock zone.

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    Pop Rocks is a candy, owned by Zeta Espacial S.A. Pop Rocks ingredients include sugar, lactose, and flavoring. It differs from typical hard candy in that pressurized carbon dioxide gas bubbles are embedded inside of the candy, creating a small popping reaction when it dissolves in one's mouth.

    The concept was patented by General Foods research chemists Leon T. Kremzner and William A. Mitchell on December 12, 1961, but the candy was not offered to the public until 1975 by General Foods, which in 1983 withdrew it, citing its lack of success in the marketplace, and its relatively short shelf life. Distribution was initially controlled to ensure freshness; but with its increasing popularity, unauthorized redistribution from market to market resulted in out-of-date product reaching consume

    As described by a 1980 patent, the candy is made by dissolving sugars in water and is evaporated at 320 °F until the water content is 3% by mass. The water and sugar mixture is then cooled to 280 °F, and while being intensely stirred it is pressurized with carbon dioxide at 730 pounds per square inch. The mixture is then kept under pressure and allowed to cool and solidify, embedding the carbon dioxide bubbles in the candy. The majority of the resultant carbon dioxide bubbles are between ...

    Rumors persisted that eating Pop Rocks and drinking soda would cause a person's stomach to boil and explode. This was, in part, caused by the false assumption that Pop Rocks contain an acid/base mixture which produces large volumes of gas when mixed through chewing and saliva. One of these myths involved child actor John Gilchrist, who was falsely rumored to have died after consuming excess amounts of Pop Rocks and Coca-Cola. Though the confection had been extensively tested and found safe, the

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    Rock and pop remained roughly synonymous until the late 1960s, after which pop became associated with music that was more commercial, ephemeral, and accessible. Although much of the music that appears on record charts is seen as pop music, the genre is distinguished from chart music.

  7. Art rock - Wikipedia

    Art rock emphasizes Romantic and autonomous traditions, in distinction to the aesthetic of the everyday and the disposable embodied by art pop. Larry Starr and Christopher Waterman's American Popular Music defines art rock as a "form of rock music that blended elements of rock and European classical music", citing the English rock bands King Crimson, Emerson, Lake & Palmer, and Pink Floyd as ...

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    Povijest stila. Pop rock nastao je tijekom 1960-ih godina u Europi i Sjedinjenim Državama. Njegovi začetnici bili su pop izvođači poput kanadskog pjevača Paula Anke i afroameričkog voklanog kvarteta Mills Brothers, te rock izvođači Chucka Berrya, Bo Diddleya i Buddya Hollya, nakon čega kreće val pop rock izvedbi, prvo preko Elvisa Presleya, a onda The Beatlesa koji su za razliku od ...

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    Pop rock este un gen muzical mixt, ce împrumută caracteristici din muzicile pop și rock. Având în vedere că muzica pop însăși s-a născut ca un hibrid între muzică ușoară și rock, pop-rock se poate defini și ca un rock accesibil, comercial. Tocmai pentru că atât muzica pop, cât și pop-rock, sunt derivate din genul rock, pop ...

  10. Pop rock - Wikipedia

    Pop rock je mješoviti muzički žanr pop muzike s laganim stihovima i (tipično) rock pjesmama sviranim na gitari. Postoje različite definicije termina: sve od sporije i blaže vrste rock muzike pa do podžanra pop muzike. Karakteristike. Veliki broj pop i rock muzike veoma su slični po zvuku, instrumentaciji, pa čak i stihovima.

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