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  1. Notable Romani people living or born in the area of present-day Slovakia Vierka Berkyová, a singer (1991–) Panna Cinka, a violinist (1711?–1772) Ondrej Rigo, a serial killer (1955–) Rytmus, a rapper (1977–)

    • Forced sterilisation

      A human rights fact finding mission found widespread...

    • Crime

      Roma are the victims of ethnically driven violence and crime...

  2. Romani people. The Romani (also spelled Romany / ˈroʊməni /, / ˈrɒ -/ ), colloquially known as Roma, are an Indo-Aryan ethnic group, traditionally nomadic itinerants living mostly in Europe, and diaspora populations in the Americas. The Romani as a people originate from the northern Indian subcontinent, from the Rajasthan, Haryana, and Punjab regions of modern-day India.

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  5. During the Nazi occupation of Czechoslovakia in World War II, Romani were exterminated by Nazi mobile killing units and in camps such as Lety, Hodonín and Auschwitz. In the Czech areas of the country, 90% of native Romani were killed during the war; the Romani in modern-day Czech Republic are mostly post-war immigrants from Slovakia or Hungary and their descendants.

  6. Šebková and Žlnayová, while describing Slovak Romani, argues that Romani is a free word order language and that it allows for theme-rheme structure, similarly to Czech, and that in some Romani dialects in East Slovakia, there is a tendency to put a verb at the end of a sentence. However, Matras describes it further.

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