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  1. The Royal Australian Navy ( RAN) is the principal naval force of Australia, a part of the Australian Defence Force (ADF) along with the Australian Army and Royal Australian Air Force.

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      Early life. Butterworth was born in Lilydale, Victoria, and...

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  2. Royal Australian Navy Die Königlich Australische Marine ( engl.: Royal Australian Navy, abgekürzt RAN) ist die Seestreitmacht der Streitkräfte des Commonwealth of Australia. Bedingt durch seine Insellage ist sie die wichtigste Teilstreitkraft des Landes und hat eine Stärke von ca. 13.400 Mann. Inhaltsverzeichnis 1 Geschichte 1.1 1914 bis 1918

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  4. The history of the Royal Australian Navy traces the development of the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) from the colonisation of Australia by the British in 1788. Until 1859, vessels of the Royal Navy made frequent trips to the new colonies. In 1859, the Australia Squadron was formed as a separate squadron and remained in Australia until 1913.

  5. List of ships of the Royal Australian Navy A selection of ships that have served in the Royal Australian Navy (and period of service) Indefatigable -class battlecruiser HMAS Australia (1913–1921) S-class destroyer HMAS Tasmania (1920–1928) Bathurst -class corvette HMAS Lithgow (1941–1956) Majestic -class aircraft carrier HMAS Melbourne (1955–1982)

    Pennant No.
    Landing Helicopter Dock
    ACPB 86
    Patrol boat
    FFH 150
    ACPB 89
    Patrol boat
  6. The head of the Royal Australian Navy is the Monarch presently Queen Elizabeth II. The professional head of the force is the Chief of the Navy who holds the rank Vice-Admiral. The present Chief is Vice-Admiral Ray Griggs. He was appointed in 2011. The Navy is ran by the Department of Defence and the Naval Headquarters (NHQ).

  7. The Royal Australian Navy, although a significant force in the Asia-Pacific region, is nonetheless classed as a medium-sized navy. Its fleet is based around two main types of surface combatant, with limited global deployment and air power capability.

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