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    Saarbrücken is Saarland's administrative, commercial and cultural centre and is next to the French border. The modern city of Saarbrücken was created in 1909 by the merger of three towns, Saarbrücken, St. Johann, and Malstatt-Burbach. It was the industrial and transport centre of the Saar coal basin.

    • Saarbrücken Castle

      Saarbrücken Castle is a Baroque château in Saarbrücken, the...

    • Etymology

      In modern German, Saarbrücken literally translates to Saar...

    • History

      In the last centuries BC, the Mediomatrici settled in the...

    • Geography

      Some of the closest cities are Trier, Luxembourg, Nancy,...

    • Infrastructure

      The city is served by Saarbrücken Airport, and since June...

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    Saarbrücken (German: [zaːɐ̯ˈbʁʏkn̩] ; French: Sarrebruck; Rhine Franconian: Saarbrigge [zaːˈbʁɪɡə]; Latin: Saravipons) is a German city and a district in the state of Saarland. The city is also the capital of the Saarland. Saarbrücken has 180,000 inhabitants and is on the river Saar. References

    • Germany
    • Charlotte Britz (SPD)
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    Saarbrücken (German pronunciation: [zaːɐ̯ˈbʁʏkən]; French: Sarrebruck, IPA: ) is the caipital o the state o Saarland in Germany. The ceety sits at the hert o a metropolitan aurie that boonds wastwards tae Dillingen an northeastwards tae Neunkirchen , in which maist o the fowk o the Saarland live.

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    Saarbrücken ist Trägerin des Titels Hauptstadt des Fairen Handels 2015. Dienstleistung. In Saarbrücken befand sich bis Ende 2012 eines der vier bundesweit eigenen Callcenter von HanseNet und eines des Heine-Versands.

    • 167,09 km²
    • 230 m ü. NHN
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    • Overview
    • History
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    • Coat of arms
    • Politics

    The Regionalverband Saarbrücken is a Kommunalverband besonderer Art, an integration of a district and a district-free town. It is located in the south of the Saarland, Germany. Neighboring districts are Saarlouis, Neunkirchen, Saar-Pfalz, and Forbach-Boulay-Moselle and Sarreguemines in the French département Moselle.

    The district Saarbrücken was originally created in 1816. In 1974, the district and the district-free city Saarbrücken were merged, and the new administrative body was named Stadtverband Saarbrücken. Although it's not a district like others, most of its administrative tasks are the same as those of a district. On November 21, 2007, the governing majority of the CDU in the parliament of Saarland passed a law which transformed the Stadtverband Saarbrücken into the Regionalverband ...

    The river Saar flows through the district, through the city Saarbrücken in the center of the district.

    The original district had no coat of arms, the Regionalverband uses a coat derived from the one of the Counts of Nassau-Saarbrücken. The silver lion is taken from the County of Saarbrücken, the golden lion is the lion of Nassau.

    The bodies of the district Regionalverband are the administrator Regionalverbandsdirektor, the district council Regionalversammlung and the additional council Kooperationsrat, which is mainly composed of officials of the towns and municipalities.[wp 2]

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    Saarbrücken je 1905. godine imao više od 25.000 stanovnika. Nakon što su se gradovi Malstatt-Burbach, Saarbrücken i Sankt Johann ujedinili, broj stanovnika 1909. godine prešao je granicu od 100.000, čime je postao metropola.

    • Charlotte Britz
    • 230 m
  8. 1. FC Saarbrücken - Wikipedia › wiki › 1
    • Overview
    • History
    • Reserve team
    • Supporters and rivalries
    • Recent seasons

    1. FC Saarbrücken is a football club based in Saarbrücken, Saarland. The club play in the 3. Liga, which is the third tier of football in Germany. The club began its existence as the football department of Turnverein Malstatt formed in 1903. That department split off in 1907 to form the independent football club FV Malstatt-Burbach and on 1 April 1909 was renamed FV Saarbrücken.

    The club became part of the tier-one Kreisliga Saar in 1919, where it played with moderate success, a second place in the league's last season, 1922–23 being its best result. From 1923, the club played in the Bezirksliga Rhein-Saar – Saar division, winning the title there in 1927–28 but missed out on qualification to the new Gauliga in 1933.

    The club's reserve team, now the 1. FC Saarbrücken II, playing as the 1. FC Saarbrücken Amateure until 2005 during the times the senior side played in professional football, first made an appearance in the Ehrenliga Saarland from 1948 to 1951. It made a reappearance in the highest league of the state in 1986, now the tier four Verbandsliga Saarland and won the league in 1988. Nine seasons in the Oberliga Südwest, now the Oberliga Rheinland-Pfalz/Saar followed. The team was relegated from ...

    The 1. FC Saarbrücken ultras maintain a long-standing friendship since 1998 with the ultras of the French club Nancy. They also had friendly relations with fans of Fortuna Düsseldorf. 1. FC Kaiserslautern and neighbours FC Homburg are considered to be the biggest rivals. More recently, rivalries with Eintracht Trier and SV Elversberg have also developed. The club has numerous supporter groups: Virage Est, Boys, SC95, Nordsaarjugend, Clique Canaille and Leone Pazzo, with around 200–300 ...

    The recent season-by-season performance of the club

    • 18 April 1903; 117 years ago
    • De FC, Die Molschder
    • 1. Fußball-Club Saarbrücken e. V.
    • FCS
  9. Saarbrücken Airport - Wikipedia › wiki › Saarbrücken_Airport
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    • Ground transportation

    Saarbrücken Airport, or Flughafen Saarbrücken or Ensheim Airport in German, is a minor international airport in Saarbrücken, the capital of the German state of Saarland. It features flights to major cities throughout Germany as well as some leisure routes.

    The history of aviation in Saarbrücken, the capital of the German federal state Saarland, began on 17 September 1928 in the district of St. Arnual. Flights operated from Saarbrücken-St. Arnual Airport until 1939. The first plane to use the airport was a Lufthansa flight ...

    In 2005, a record year, nearly 500,000 passengers used Saarbrücken Airport. In 2006, Saarbrücken Airport suffered difficulties caused by the opening of a converted former military airport, Zweibrücken Airport, just approx. 40 km away. German leisure airline Hapagfly ...

    Saarbrücken Airport consists of one passenger terminal building which features check-in-facilities as well as some shops and restaurants and a covered observation deck. The building is not equipped with jet bridges, therefore walk-boarding and bus-boarding is used. The apron right in front of the terminal features five aircraft stands which can accommodate mid-sized aircraft such as the Airbus A320.

    The airport is linked to the A1/A6 motorways which connect to Saarbrücken itself, to the cities of Trier and Mannheim and to Luxembourg. From France it can be reached via federal highway L108. Taxis and car hire agencies are available at the terminal building.

    Regional bus line R10 provides scheduled connections to Saarbrücken city center including Saarbrücken main station.

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    Saarbrücken Németország délnyugati részén, közvetlenül a francia határnál valamint az A1-es autópálya mellett fekszik. Története. III. Ottó német-római császár 999-ben ajándékozta “Sarabrucca” nevű királyi székhelyét a metzi apátságnak.

    • szabad város
    • Saar-vidék
    • Saarbrücken zászlaja
    • Németország
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