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    Satyajit Ray (Bengali pronunciation: [ˈʃɔtːodʒit ˈrai̯] (listen); 2 May 1921 – 23 April 1992) was an Indian film director, scriptwriter, documentary filmmaker, author, lyricist, magazine editor, illustrator, calligrapher, and music composer.

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    Satyajit Ray (Shottojit Rae (help·info)) (2 May 1921–23 April 1992) was a Bengali Indian movie director. Many people consider him as one of the greatest film-makers of 20th century movie business. He was born in the city of Kolkata. His Bengali family was prominent in arts and letters.

    • 23 April 1992 (aged 70), Kolkata, India
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    • Overview
    • Professor Shanku stories
    • Tarini khuro stories
    • Bankubabur Bandhu
    • Other short stories

    Satyajit Ray, a Bengali film director from India, is well known for his contributions to Bengali literature. He created two of the most famous characters in Feluda the sleuth, and Professor Shonku the scientist. He wrote several short novels and stories in addition to those based on these two characters. His fiction was targeted mainly at younger readers, though it became popular among children and adults alike. Most of his novels and stories in Bengali have been published by Ananda Publishers,

    Professor Shanku, or Trilokeshwar Shanku, is a fictional scientist appearing in a series of science-fiction books. He lives in Giridih beside the river Usri. He has a male servant named Prahllad and a cat named Newton living in the house. He was a child prodigy, and achieved several academic distinctions. He has his own laboratory in his house where he does research for many new and fantastic inventions. He is world-renowned for the armory of these diverse inventions. The adventures of Professor

    Tarini khuro is an aged bachelor who can tell interesting stories based on his weird experiences. Many of these stories border on being horror stories or spooky stories, while some of the stories depict the smartness and quick wit of Tarini khuro.

    Bankubabur Bandhu was a Bengali science fiction story Ray had written in 1962 for Sandesh, the Ray family magazine, which gained popularity among Bengalis in the early 1960s. What differentiated Bankubabur Bandhu from previous science fiction was the portrayal of an alien from outer space as a kind and playful being, invested with magical powers and capable of interacting with children, in contrast to earlier science fiction works which portrayed aliens as dangerous creatures. Several science fi

    Satyajit Ray penned many short stories not based on any famous characters. These stories, which used to be published as collections of twelve stories, were mostly urbane, and were very unassuming until the last line or last paragraph where suddenly a new revelation left the reader amazed. Many of these stories dealt with the way trivial incidents change the course of one's life, while some other stories were chilling horror stories. The language of the stories was very straightforward and lucid.

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    I Satyajit Ray (Shôtôjit Rae, listen (help · info); 2 Mayo 1921 – 23 Abril 1992) metung yang talagawang pelikulang Indian a tuturing dang metung kareng pekamapyang auteur (greatest auteurs) ning yatu ning pelikula. Mibait ya i Ray king lakanbalen o syudad ning Calcutta king pamilyang Bengaling sikat king yatu ning arte ampong literatura.

    • 1950–1992
    • 23 Abril 1992 (maki edad a 70), Calcutta, India
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    Satyajit Ray (bengalí: সত্যজিত রায় o সত্যজিৎ রায় Shottoyit Rai (?·i)) (Calcuta, Imperiu británicu, 2 de mayu de 1921 - Calcuta, India 23 d'abril de 1992) foi un direutor de cine indiu, consideráu unu de los grandes artistes del sieglu venti por causa del so estilu sutil, austeru y llíricu.

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    Satyajit Ray (bengali: সত্যজিত রায় eller সত্যজিৎ রায়) Shottojit Rae (info)), född 2 maj 1921 i Calcutta, död 23 april 1992 i Calcutta, var en indisk filmskapare. Ray anses som en av de främsta under 1900-talets filmskapande.

  8. Satyajit Ray Wikipedia Satyajit Ray is an Indian film director, producer, music composer, lyricist and screenwriter. He made his first film debut in 1955 with the director in his first film “Pather Panchali”. And Satyajit first film, Pather Panchali won 11 international prizes at the 1956 Cannes Film Festival.

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    "Satyajit Ray", he writes, "gives his nod of approval to world-wide counter-culture revolution, the revolt of youth against the stagnant older generation, and the social upheaval taking place in his beloved Calcutta. But he also points out that India is a different animal than the Western countries in upheaval.

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