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  1. Shape note - Wikipedia › wiki › Shape_note

    Shape notes are a musical notation designed to facilitate congregational and social singing. The notation, introduced in late 18th century England, became a popular teaching device in American singing schools.

  2. List of shape-note tunebooks - Wikipedia › wiki › List_of_shape-note_tunebooks

    The following is a partial list of the shape note tunebooks published over the last two centuries. The list is divided according to the two main systems of shape notes—four-shape vs. seven-shape—and within these two categories is sorted chronologically.

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  4. Category:Shape note - Wikipedia › wiki › Category:Shape_note

    Wikimedia Commons has media related to Shape note. Shape notes are a system of music notation designed to facilitate choral singing. Shape notes of various kinds have been used for over two centuries in a variety of sacred choral music traditions, all of them rooted in the Southern United States.

  5. Talk:Shape note - Wikipedia › wiki › Talk:Shape_note

    An alternative notation sometimes used for sight-singing uses shaped notes. Standard musical notation is augmented through the use of shapes in place of the round or oval dot or circle. The shape used depends upon the note's location on the major scale.

  6. shape note - Wiktionary › wiki › shape_note

    shape note (uncountable) A system of music notation designed to facilitate choral singing, and the style of psalmody associated with it. The heads of the notes are of various shapes, not always round. References . 2001. The Garland Encyclopedia of World Music: North America. Garland Publishing. Ellen Koskoff (Ed.). Pg. 532.

  7. Shenandoah Harmony - Wikipedia › wiki › Shenandoah_Harmony

    Although a number of new shape note tune books were compiled and published in the two decades leading up to the publication of the Shenandoah Harmony, this volume is notable as "the largest new four-shape tunebook published for more than 150 years."

  8. Shape-note singing | music | Britannica › art › shape-note-singing

    Shape notes are a variant system of Western musical notation whereby the note heads are printed in distinct shapes to indicate their scale degree and solmization syllable (fa, sol, la, etc.).

  9. Sacred Harp - Wikipedia › wiki › Sacred_Harp

    In shape-note music, notes are printed in special shapes that help the reader identify them on the musical scale. There are two prevalent systems, one using four shapes, and one using seven.

  10. A Beginner’s Guide to Shape-Note Singing › resources › Grayson_Beginners_Guide

    Basics of shape-note singing 3 Basics of shape-note singing Fa, sol, la, mi — the four basic notes in our shape-note system. C major scale, written to show how the shapes appear in whole, half, quarter, and eighth notes. Intervals between shapes are the same in any key! Here, fa-las in A major (treble clef, left) and G minor (bass clef, right).

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