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    Sichuan was China's most populous province before Chongqing became a directly controlled municipality; it is currently the fourth most populous, after Guangdong, Shandong and Henan. As of 1832, Sichuan was the most populous of the 18 provinces in China, with an estimated population at that time of 21 million. [79]

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    The name 四川 (pinyin: Chuān) is an abbreviation of 四川路 (pinyin: Chuān Lù, translated as "Four circuits/subdivisions of rivers"), which is itself shortened from 川峡四路 (pinyin: Chuān Xiá Lù, translated as "Four circuits of rivers and gorges"). Archived 2008-01-22 at the Wayback Machine

    There are 18 subdivisions within Sichuan, including both prefecture-level cities and autonomous prefectures: 1. Chengdu 2. Mianyang 3. Deyang 4. Yibin 5. Panzhihua 6. Leshan 7. Nanchong 8. Zigong 9. Luzhou 10. Neijiang 11. Guangyuan 12. Suining 13. Ziyang 14. Guang'an 15. Ya'an 16. Meishan 17. Dazhou 18. Bazhong 19. Aba Tibetan Qiang Autonomous Pre...

    Most people living in Sichuan are Han Chinese. There are also Tibetans, Yi people, Qiang and Naxiin the western side.

    UNESCO World Heritage Sitesinclude: 1. Dazu Rock Carvings - officially part of Chongqing Municipality, not Sichuan 2. Huanglong, Scenic and Historic Interest Area 3. Jiuzhaigou Valley, Scenic and Historic Interest Area 4. Mount Emei, Scenic Area 4.1. Leshan Giant Buddha, Scenic Area 5. Mount Qincheng and Dujiangyan Irrigation System 6. Sichuan Gian...

  2. Sichuan (en chino, Si-Chuán, lit. 'Zh-Sichuan.ogg', en chino tradicional y simplificado, 四川省; pinyin, Sìchuān Shěng; Wade-Giles, Ssŭ 4-ch῾uan 1 Shêng 3; transcripción antigua, Szechwan o Szechuan) es una provincia sin salida al mar del suroeste de China que ocupa la mayor parte de la cuenca de Sichuan y la parte más oriental de la meseta tibetana, entre el río Jinsha al oeste ...

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    Sichuan este o provincie în China . Orașe [ modificare | modificare sursă] Chengdu (成都市), Zigong (自贡市), Panzhihua (攀枝花市), Luzhou (泸州市), Deyang (德阳市), Mianyang (绵阳市), Guangyuan (广元市), Suining (遂宁市), Neijiang (内江市), Leshan (乐山市), Nanchong (南充市), Meishan (眉山市), Yibin (宜宾市), Guang'an (广安市), Dazhou (达州市), Ya'an (雅安市), Bazhong (巴中市), Ziyang (资阳市),

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    Sichuan cuisine, alternatively romanized as Szechwan cuisine or Szechuan cuisine, is a style of Chinese cuisine originating from Sichuan Province. It has bold flavours, particularly the pungency and spiciness resulting from liberal use of garlic and chili peppers, as well as the unique flavour of Sichuan pepper. Some examples are Kung Pao Chicken a...

    Sichuan in the Middle Ages welcomed Middle Eastern crops, such as broad beans, sesame and walnuts. Since the 16th century, the list of major crops in Sichuan has even been lengthened by New World newcomers. The characteristic chili pepper came from Mexico, but probably overland from India or by river from Macau, complementing the traditional Sichua...

    The complex topography of Sichuan Province, including its mountains, hills, plains, plateaus and the Sichuan Basin, has shaped its food customs with versatile and distinct ingredients. Abundant rice and vegetables are produced from the fertile Sichuan Basin, whereas a wide variety of herbs, mushrooms and other fungi prosper in the highland regions....

    • 四川菜
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