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  1. Thiruvananthapuram (/ ˌ t ɪ r uː v ə ˌ n ʌ n t ə ˈ p ʊər ə m /; Malayalam: [t̪iɾuʋɐnɐn̪d̪ɐpuɾɐm] ), commonly known by its former name Trivandrum / t r ɪ ˈ v æ n d r ə m /, is the capital of the Indian state of Kerala.

  2. Thiruvananthapuram was known as a great center of intellectual and artistic activity at this time. Travancore became the most dominant state in Kerala by defeating the powerful Zamorin of Kozhikode in the battle of Purakkad in 1755.

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    Thiruvananthapuram literally means "City of Lord Anantha" in Malayalam. The name derives from the god of the Hindu temple at the centre of the city. Anantha is the serpent Shesha on whom Padmanabhan or Vishnu lies. The temple of Vishnu lying on Ananta, the Sri Padmanabhaswamy Temple is the most recognizable landmark of the city. The city was officially known as Trivandrumin English until 1991, when the government decided to change the city's name back to the original name, Thiruvananthapuram, in all languages. However, the city is still widely referred to as "Trivandrum" (now Thiruvananthapuram).

    The city is fully electrified by the Kerala State Electricity Board (KSEB). The district is divided in to three circles: Transmission circle, Thiruvananthapuram city and Kattakkada. Domestic users account for 43% of the total power usage, or 90 million units per month. Thiruvananthapuram district has one 220 kV, nine 110 kV and six 66 kV electrical substations. A 400 kV substation has just been commissioned by the Power Grid Corporation and will ensure high-quality power supply to the city. The water supply schemes cover 100% within the city limits. It is 84% of the urban and 69% of the rural population, when the district is considered. Peppara and Aruvikkara dams are the main sources of water for distribution in the capital city. The new project plan for improving the water supply with Japanaid covers Thiruvananthapuram city and six suburban panchayats having urban characteristics. The sewerage system in the city was implemented at the time of the Travancore Kingdom, and modernised...

    Apart from being the capital of India’s most literate and socially developed state, Thiruvananthapuram is a strategically important city in Southern India. Being the largest city in India’s deep south, it is important for both military logistics and civil aviation in the southern part of the country. It is the headquarters of the Southern Air Command(SAC) of the Indian Air Force. The city is very close to the international shipping route and East-West shipping axis. Also, it falls under the international air route. Due to the strategic importance of the city, the Indian Air Force authorities have planned to make an aerospace command in SAC.The plan for setting up a new "Tri-Service Command", which will integrate all the three forces under a single command, is also in the pipeline. Being the Indian city with the closest air link to the small island-country of Maldives and also Sri Lanka, the city’s medical and health infrastructure caters to patients from both countries, especially M...

    Government of Kerala Website on Thiruvananthapuram District Archived 2005-11-09 at the Wayback Machine
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    Thiruvananthapuram Municipal Corporation is the city corporation in Kerala state in India by area and population. It is the municipal corporation that administrates the city of Thiruvananthapuram, the capital of Kerala. The city corporation is spread over 214.86 km2 with 100 wards and a population of 9,57,730 inhabitants. It includes the Legislative Assembly constituencies of Thiruvananthapuram, Vattiyoorkavu, Nemom, Kazhakkoottam and 5 wards of the Kovalam constituency. Mayor Arya Rajendran is

    The conservancy department was started in Thiruvananthapuram in 1877 during the reign of the king Ayilyam Thirunal. Following this, the town was divided into 5 divisions, namely Kottaykkakam, Chalai, Sreevaraham, Manacaud and Pettah.

    The city corporation is ruled by the council of 100 members, headed by the Mayor. The Mayor chairs the Council meetings, and is responsible for the overall, supervision and control of the administrative functions of the Municipal Corporation. The Council is composed of all elected councilors. The administration of the TMC vests in the Council. The term of office of the council is five years. The TMC through the Council has all the powers, authority and responsibilities of the Government, to enab

  4. Thiruvananthapuram (IPA: [t̪iruʋənɨn̪t̪əpurəm] ) kent in Inglis as Trivandrum / t r ᵻ ˈ v æ n d r ə m /, is the caipital o the Indie state o Kerala an the heidquairters o the Thiruvananthapuram destrict. It is locatit on the wast coast o Indie near the extreme sooth o the mainland.

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    Trivandrum International Airport is an international airport which serves the city of Thiruvananthapuram in Kerala, India. Established in 1932, it is the first airport in the state of Kerala. It was the fifth international airport of India, officially declared by then Prime Minister of India, V. P. Singh in 1991.It is Secondary Hub of Air India Express and focus city for Air India, IndiGo and SpiceJet. It is one of the four international airports in Kerala. It is the second busiest airport in Ke

    The airport was established in 1932 as part of the Royal Flying Club under the initiative of Lt. Col. Raja Goda Varman, Consort of Rani Karthika Thirunal Lakshmi Bayi, Rani of Attingal and of Travancore Kingdom. Raja Goda Varman, a trained pilot, felt the need of an airport to accommodate Travancore in the aviation map of India and requested the Travancore Durbar to initiate the process for establishing an aerodrome. A detailed report was made and presented to the King by Consort Prince in this

    Trivandrum International Airport has one runway, 32/14, 3,400 m × 45 m, equipped to operate any type of aircraft. It has a 1,880 m long parallel taxiway.

    There are two terminals. Terminal 1 is for domestic flights, and Terminal 2 is for all international flights as well as all domestic flights of Air India.

    The domestic terminal was the first terminal of the airport inaugurated by Chief minister of Kerala EK Nayanar in 1992. It has an area of 9,200 m2 and can handle 400 passengers at a time. The terminal has two Aerobridges and two remote gates. All airlines except Air India are ser

    Further expansion of the airport has been planned with the AAI demanding 82 acres for the demolition of the existing domestic terminal and the construction of a newer one and other related facilities for Trivandrum Airport. The state government has agreed to acquire 18 acres for the construction of the domestic terminal. The AAI is planning to construct a new terminal of around 40,000 square metres, which would spruce up the city airport's total terminal area to 75,000-square-metres. Paper works

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