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    Trombone music is usually written in concert pitch in either bass or tenor clef, although exceptions do occur, notably in British brass-band music where the tenor trombone is presented as a B ♭ transposing instrument, written in treble clef; and the alto trombone is written at concert pitch usually in alto clef.

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      The bass trumpet is a type of low trumpet which was first...

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    The cimbasso is a brass instrument in the trombone family, with a sound ranging from warm and mellow to dark and menacing. It has three to six piston or rotary valves, a predominantly cylindrical bore, and in its modern incarnation is most often pitched in F, though models are available in E♭, C, and occasionally B♭.

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    The trombone is the loudest instrument in the symphony orchestra. A person who plays the trombone is called a trombonist. Some trombones have a valve which increases the range of available notes. The name trombone comes from the Italian language and means large trumpet.

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    Kalevi Aho, Trombone Concerto (2010) Johann Georg Albrechtsberger, Trombone Concerto in B-flat major (1769) Bert Appermont, Colors for Trombone; Alexander Arutiunian, Concerto for Trombone (1991) Luciano Berio, SOLO (1999) Ernest Bloch, Symphony for Trombone and Orchestra (1954) William Bolcom, Trombone Concerto (2016)

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    Jul 29, 2020 · English: A trombone is a brass musical instrument.

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    Troy Andrews, also known by the stage name Trombone Shorty, is an American musician, producer, actor and philanthropist from New Orleans, Louisiana. He is best known as a trombone and trumpet player but also plays drums, organ, and tuba. He has worked with some of the biggest names in rock, pop, jazz, funk, and hip hop. Andrews is the younger brother of trumpeter and bandleader James Andrews and the grandson of singer and songwriter Jessie Hill. Other musical family members are cousins Glen Davi

    Troy Andrews was born in New Orleans and grew up in the Tremé neighborhood. Troy graduated in 2004 from Warren Easton High School. At the age of 4, he appeared onstage with Bo Diddley at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival. He participated in brass band parades as a child, becoming a bandleader by the age of six. In his teens, he was a member of the Stooges Brass Band. He attended the New Orleans Center for Creative Arts along with fellow musician Jon Batiste. In 2005, Andrews was a ...

    Andrews is one of 7 children of Lois Nelson Andrews, daughter of Jesse Hill. His brother Darnell, also a talented trombone player, was shot and killed in 1995. Following that tragedy and fearing for his talented younger brother's prospects in an increasingly violent neighbourhood and with a grieving mother, James Andrews left him in the care of his manager and friend, late business woman Susan Lovejoy Scott. From a wealthy, prominent family, Lovejoy Scott acted in loco parentis, managing and men

    With others 1. It's About Time, 2003 2. 12 & Shorty, Keep Swingin', 2004 3. Trombone Shorty Meets Lionel Ferbos

    In early 2007, New Orleans music magazine Offbeat named Andrews their Performer of the Year. He also garnered honors as Best Contemporary Jazz Performer. In 2010, Trombone Shorty's album Backatown was nominated for the Grammy Award for Best Contemporary Jazz Album. On May 19, 2012, Andrews received the President's Medal from Tulane University President Scott Cowen at the university's Unified Commencement Ceremony at the Mercedez-Benz Superdome in New Orleans, in recognition of his community serv

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    1. Borrowed from Italian trombone, from tromba (“trumpet”) +‎ -one (augmentative suffix, conveying notion "large"). 2. The telecommunications sense alludes to the shape of the musical instrument.


    1. (UK) IPA(key): /ˌtɹɒmˈbəʊn/, /tɹəmˈbəʊn/ 2. (US) IPA(key): /ˌtɹɑmˈboʊn/, /tɹəmˈboʊn/


    trombone (plural trombones) 1. A musical instrument in the brass family, having a cylindrical bore, and usually a sliding tube (but sometimes piston valves, and rarely both). Most often refers to the tenor trombone, which is the most common type of trombone and has a fundamental tone of B♭ˌ (contra B♭). 1.1. Jim plays the trombonevery well. 1.2. This tromboneis very expensive. 2. The common European bittern.


    1. IPA(key): /trɔmˈbɔːnə/


    trombone c (plural trombones) 1. (music) trombone


    Borrowed from Italian trombone


    1. IPA(key): /tʁɔ̃.bɔn/


    trombone m (plural trombones) 1. (music) trombone 2. paper clip


    From tromba +‎ -one (augmentative suffix).


    1. IPA(key): /tromˈ


    trombone m (plural tromboni) 1. (music) trombone 2. an annoying and boring person, especially if arrogant, old or moralist


    trombone m (definite singular trombonen, indefinite plural tromboner, definite plural trombonene) 1. (music) a trombone


    trombone m (definite singular trombonen, indefinite plural trombonar, definite plural trombonane) 1. (music) a trombone


    Borrowed from Italian trombone.


    1. (Portugal) IPA(key): /tɾõ.ˈbɔ.nɨ/ 2. Hyphenation: trom‧bo‧ne


    trombone m (plural trombones) 1. (music) trombone (a musical instrument in the brass family)

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    Curtis DuBois Fuller (December 15, 1932 – May 8, 2021) was an American jazz trombonist.He was a member of Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers and contributed to many classic jazz recordings.

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    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia For other people named J. J. Johnson, see J. J. Johnson (disambiguation). James Louis Johnson (January 22, 1924 – February 4, 2001) was an American jazz trombonist, composer and arranger. Johnson was one of the earliest trombonists to embrace bebop.

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