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    Urban district may refer to: District; Urban area; Quarter (urban subdivision) Neighbourhood; Specific subdivisions in some countries: Urban districts of Denmark; Urban districts of Germany; Urban district (Great Britain and Ireland) (historic) Urban districts of the Netherlands; Urban districts of Sweden; Urban districts of Ukraine; List of ...

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    (Redirected from Urban District Council) In England and Wales, Northern Ireland, and the Republic of Ireland, an urban district was a type of local government district that covered an urbanised area. Urban districts had an elected urban district council (UDC), which shared local government responsibilities with a county council.

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    Small municipalities usually have only one urban district, which contains the city itself, consisting of the seat of the local government, where the municipality's prefeitura and câmara de vereadores (City Hall and City Council, respectively, the Executive and Legislative local bodies) are located.

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    An urban area, or built-up area, is a human settlement with a high population density and infrastructure of built environment.Urban areas are created through urbanization and are categorized by urban morphology as cities, towns, conurbations or suburbs.

  6. Barnet Urban District - Wikipedia › wiki › Barnet_Urban_District
    • Overview
    • Creation
    • Civil parishes
    • Abolition
    • Politics

    Barnet was a local government district in south Hertfordshire from 1863 to 1965 around the town of Barnet.

    Barnet Local Government District was created on 25 September 1863 under the Local Government Act 1858, and was governed by a local board. The Local Government Act 1894 reconstituted the area as an urban district and the local board was replaced by an elected Barnet Urban District Council. The urban district was extended in 1905, 1914 and 1935.

    The district originally consisted of parts of the parishes of Chipping Barnet in Hertfordshire, and Monken Hadley and South Mimms in Middlesex. The Local Government Act 1888 adjusted the county boundaries in 1889, so that the entire district was in Hertfordshire; forming part of a long, thin protrusion into Middlesex surrounded by that county on two sides, to the north and south. The Local Government Act 1894 divided the urban district into three civil parishes: 1. Chipping Barnet 2. Hadley 3. S

    In 1965 the urban district was abolished by the London Government Act 1963 and its former area transferred from Hertfordshire to Greater London. Its former area was combined with that of other districts to form the present-day London Borough of Barnet.

    The urban district was divided into six wards for elections: Arkley East, Arkley West, Barnet North, Barnet South, Totteridge East and Totteridge West.

    • Barnet Local Board (1863-1875), Barnet Urban Sanitary Authority (1875-1894), Barnet Urban District Council (1894-1965)
  7. Carlton Urban District - Wikipedia › wiki › Carlton_Urban_District

    Carlton was an Urban District in Nottinghamshire, England from 1894 to 1974. It was created under the Local Government Act 1894.. It was enlarged in 1935 when the Gedling civil parish and part of Colwick civil parish were transferred to the district from Basford Rural District.

    • Carlton Urban District Council
  8. Sedgley Urban District - Wikipedia › wiki › Sedgley_Urban_District

    Sedgley Urban District was a local government district within Staffordshire, which was created in 1894 from the western half of the manor of Sedgley (the other half of which became the Coseley Urban District).

    • Sedgley Urban District Council
  9. Bangalore Urban district - Wikipedia › wiki › Bangalore_Urban_district

    Bangalore Urban district, officially known as Bengaluru Urban district, is a district of the Indian state of Karnataka.It is surrounded by the Bangalore Rural district on the east and north, the Ramanagara district on the west and the Krishnagiri district of Tamil Nadu on the south.

    Sl No
    Village/Locality Name
    Bangalore North
    Bangalore North
    Bangalore North
    Bangalore North
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    The current congressman from the 1st district is Rob Wittman (R), from the 8th district is Don Beyer (D), the current congresswoman from the 10th district is Jennifer Wexton (D), and the current congressman from the 11th district is Gerry Connolly (D). Three of four districts voted for Jim Webb in the 2006 Senate election.

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