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  1. The Doge of Venice (/ d oʊ dʒ /; Venetian: Doxe de Venexia [ˈdɔze de veˈnɛsja]; Italian: Doge di Venezia [ˈdɔːdʒe di veˈnɛttsja]; all derived from Latin dux, "military leader"), sometimes translated as Duke (compare the Italian Duca), was the chief magistrate and leader of the Republic of Venice between 726 and 1797.

  2. Venice of Cieszyn, part of the Old Town of Cieszyn, Poland; Venice of Portugal, nickname for Aveiro, Portugal; Venice of the East, a list of places with this nickname; Venice of the North, a list of places with this nickname; Venice of the Orient, nickname for Shanghai, China "Venice of the Pacific", nickname for the ruins of Nan Madol at Pohnpei

  3. Venice is a city in Italy. It is the capital of the Veneto region, which is in the north-east of the country. The population of the 'Comune di Venezia', which is Venice, its lagoon and its mainland is 271,367. Area is 412 km². The population of Venice itself keeps on shrinking at an alarming rate and is now under 55000 locals.

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