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    Washington, D.C., formally the District of Columbia and also known as D.C. or Washington, is the capital city of the United States. It is located on the Potomac River bordering Maryland and Virginia, with Congress holding its first session there in 1800.

    • United States
    • 20001–20098, 20201–20599
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    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia For the capitals of the United States before the founding of Washington, D.C., see List of capitals in the United States § National capitals. Aerial photo of central Washington, D.C. The history of Washington, D.C., is tied to its role as the capital of the United States.

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    Washington, D.C. (also known as simply Washington or D.C., and officially as the District of Columbia) is the capital of the United States. It is a federal district. The President of the USA and many major national government offices are in the territory. This makes it the political center of the United States of America.

    • 1871
    • 1801
    • United States
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    Washington, D.C. Frae Wikipedia, the free beuk o knawledge Washington, D.C. (pronounced /ˈwɒʃɪŋtən ˌdiːˈsiː/ (deprecatit template)), formally the Destrict o Columbie an commonly referred tae as Washington, the Destrict, or simply D.C., is the caipital o the Unitit States, foondit on Julie 16, 1790.

    • 16 Julie 1790
    • Unitit States
    • Destrict o Columbie
    • 1801
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    We're planning to host a DC-area meetup at the National Archives building in Washington, DC on January 22, 2011. The day-long event will feature a behind the scenes tour followed by talks with records management and conservation experts explaining how the records get into the archives.

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    Neighborhoods in Washington, D.C., are distinguished by their history, culture, architecture, demographics, and geography.The names of 131 neighborhoods are unofficially defined by the D.C. Office of Planning.

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    Washington, D.C. (pronunciado em inglês : [ˈwɒʃɪŋtən diː siː, ˈwɔːʃɪŋtən diː siː] (escutar (ajuda·info))) é a capital e o distrito federal dos Estados Unidos. D.C. é a abreviatura de Distrito de Colúmbia (District of Columbia), onde a cidade está localizada.

    • D.C., The District (O Distrito)
    • Washingtoniano
    • Selo
    • Justitia Omnibus (Do latim: Justiça para todos)
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    Washington (/ ˈ w ɒ ʃ ɪ ŋ t ə n / ()), officially the State of Washington, is a state in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States.Named for George Washington, the first U.S. president, the state was made out of the western part of the Washington Territory, which was ceded by the British Empire in 1846, in accordance with the Oregon Treaty in the settlement of the Oregon boundary ...

    • 71,362 sq mi (184,827 km²)
    • 7 Democrats, 3 Republicans (list)
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    On January 6, 2021, the United States Capitol in Washington, D.C. was stormed during a riot and violent attack against the U.S. Congress.A mob of supporters of President Donald Trump attempted to overturn his defeat in the 2020 presidential election by disrupting the joint session of Congress assembled to count electoral votes to formalize Joe Biden's victory.

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