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      • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in 1763, aged seven. A child prodigy is defined in psychology research literature as a person under the age of ten who produces meaningful output in some domain to the level of an adult expert performer. Amadeus Mozart in 1763, aged seven. A,to the level of an adult expert performer.
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  2. 7 Famous Child Prodigies | Britannica

    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was the child prodigy par excellence, playing songs on the harpsichord at four years old and composing simple music at five. When he was seven years old, the Mozart family went on the first of several tours to demonstrate the prodigious musical abilities of the young marvel and his elder sister Maria Anna (“Nannerel”), who was also remarkably gifted.

  3. The Genius of Mozart All Before the Age of 10

    Feb 25, 2019 · Mozart: The Child Prodigy . Mozart began showing his talents when he was just three years old. Thanks to the annotations made by his father in his sister's keyboard lessons book, we learned when and how long it took Mozart to learn the same music his sister was playing. It became clear that Mozart rapidly advanced through his sister's lesson book.

  4. 2. Mozart and Beethoven: child prodigies and lying fathers. The younger a child prodigy was, the more musical they seemed and the more impressive they were. Mozart and Beethoven’s fathers both attempted to make their sons more in demand in musical circles by lying about their age!

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    The Mozart children were not alone as 18th-century music prodigies. Education writer Gary Spruce refers to hundreds of similar cases, and cites that of William Crotch of Norwich who in 1778, at the age of three, was giving organ recitals. [1]

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    Alyson McLamore (California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo) – “Mozart in the Middle: London’s ‘Musical Children’” In any discussion of musical prodigies, Mozart is invariably cited as the exemplar of the species, yet Mozart and his sister Nannerl were by no means the first children to appear in front of London audiences.

  7. Was Mozart a prodigy -- or just a hard worker?

    Jun 01, 2013 · So was Mozart a prodigy? Frankly, today’s helicopter parents and tiger moms would have loved Mozart’s dad. This guy was a talented musician and teacher and once he got it in his head that his kids were going to be great musicians, well, he was like a terrier with a frisbee — he wasn’t letting go.

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    According to the passage, during Wolfgang's early years, child prodigies were a few and far between b. accustomed to extensive concert tours. c. expected to spend at least six hours per a day practicing their music.

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    Well, a child prodigy specifically. Throughout history, children have delighted their lucky parents with remarkable minds and unusual gifts. Many little geniuses have shaped the world before they even hit puberty! For some, practice might make perfect, but these child prodigies were born ready to make a difference.