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      • Unlike constitutional questions, questions of constitutionalism could not be answered by reference to given constitutional text or even judicial opinions.
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    What is the difference between the term constitution and constitutionalism?

    What is the core legal question that arises under constitutionalism?

    What is the Constitution in relation to a state?

    What is the prescriptive approach to constitutionalism?

  2. Fritz notes that an analyst could approach the study of historic events focusing on issues that entailed “constitutional questions” and that this differs from a focus that involves “questions of constitutionalism.” Constitutional questions involve the analyst in examining how the constitution was interpreted and applied to distribute power and authority as the new nation struggled with problems of war and peace, taxation and representation.

  3. However, while constitution is a body of rules that stipulates how a state should be governed, constitutionalism is the application of the constitution. It can also be seen as the act of practicing or putting the constitution into practice to achieve settings goals. In short, there is no huge difference between constitution and constitutionalism.

  4. The main difference between constitution and constitutionalism lies in the fact that the constitution is generally a written document, created by the government (often with the participation of the civil society), while constitutionalism is a principle and a system of governance that respects the rule of law and limits the power of the government.

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  5. The concept of constitutionalism is an important one for the UPSC exam. It is important to know the difference between constitutionalism and constitution. In this article, you can learn all about the concept of constitutionalism for the IAS exam. Constitutionalism UPSC Notes:-Download PDF Here. What is Constitutionalism?

  6. May 12, 2020 · Constitution is a legal document framed by a body of people's representatives. Constitutional law is a broader term. Constitutionalism means limited government. In this article, we would discuss the difference between Constitution, constitutional law and constitutionalism. A constitution is a legal document having a special legal sanctity which sets out the framework and the principal functions of the government organs of a State and lays down the principles governing the operation of those ...