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    How many classes are there in the Legion of Honour?

    What is the Legion of Honour?

    Who qualifies for the Legion of Honor?

    What are the rules for wearing the Legion of Honor?

  2. Feb 9, 2023 · The Legion has five classes, listed in descending rank: grand cross (limited to 80 members), grand officer (200), commander (1,000), officer (4,000), and knight, or chevalier (unlimited). Napoleon himself made some 48,000 nominations. Foreign recipients in the classes higher than chevalier are supernumerary.

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  3. There are five classes in the Legion of Honour: Chevalier (Knight): minimum 20 years of public service or 25 years of professional activity with "eminent merits" Officier (Officer): minimum 8 years in the rank of Chevalier Commandeur (Commander): minimum 5 years in the rank of Officier

    • Excellent civil or military conduct, delivered, upon official investigation
    • Honneur et patrie ("Honour and Fatherland")
  4. Nov 12, 2021 · The five categories (in ascending order) are: Grand-croix - minimum three years in the rank of Grand-officier Grand officier - minimum three years in the rank of Commandeur Commandeur - minimum five years in the rank of Officier Officier - minimum eight years in the rank of Chevalier

    • What is it? The Legion of Honor is the highest French decoration and one of the most famous in the world. For two centuries, it has been presented on behalf of the Head of State to reward the most deserving citizens in all fields of activity.
    • What is its purpose? As an honor, the Legion of Honor does not include any actual material or financial benefit. However, it is an invaluable source of pride for the recipients and their families and an example of civic service made public.
    • Who is eligible? Any French citizen with no criminal record, who has demonstrated outstanding merits in the service of the nation, in a military or a civilian capacity.
    • How many have received it? The Legion of Honor has 79,000 members. On average, 2200 French and 300 foreigners are decorated each year.
  5. The Legion of Honor Bronze Medallion is the second highest award and is granted for extraordinary contributions to the well-being of others at the State, Regional or National level. The Legion of Honor Gold Medallion is the highest and most prestigious award presented by the organization.

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