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    What are the names of all the 51 states?

    Are there 50 or 52 states in America?

    What are the names of all 50 states and their abbreviations?

    What are the abbrevations of all 50 states?

  2. List of states and territories of the United States - Wikipedia

    States. The table below lists the 50 states, with their current capital, largest city, the date they ratified the U.S. Constitution or were admitted to the Union, population and area data, and number of representative(s) in the U.S. House of Representatives.

    Flag, name and postal abbreviation
    Flag, name and postal abbreviation
  3. Alphabetical List Of 50 States

    This site lists the 50 states in the US and facts about each state. Key state data, such as population and state abbreviation, is also shown. Alphabetical List of 50 States

  4. List of U.S. states - Simple English Wikipedia, the free ...

    Washington D.C. is not one of the 50 states. It is a city inside the District of Columbia (a federal district that is not part of any state). The United States also has sovereignty over 14 other territories. These are not included in this list.

  5. Alphabetical List of All 50 States in the USA

    Alphabetical List of All 50 States in the USA. I’ve heard it said that great minds think alike but I believe it takes an even greater mind to first execute what all the other great minds were just thinking.

  6. What Are the 50 States of the United States?

    Mar 31, 2020 · The last of the 50 states to formally attain statehood was Hawaii in August of 1959. It is the only state made up entirely of islands. The U.S. Capital, Washington DC, also known as the District of Columbia, is not officially considered a state. It is a federal district.

  7. Names of the 50 States of the United States

    Fifty States of the United States of America (Click on the speaker icon to hear the pronunciation of the name; click on the state name to see a web page about the state.) Pronunciation of the Capitals of the 50 States

  8. List of 50 states - Conservapedia

    Aug 28, 2016 · The 50 member-states of the United States of America, with date of admission to the Union: State / Date Admitted to Union 1 Delaware December 7, 1787

  9. The U.S.: 50 States - Map Quiz Game

    With 50 states in total, there are a lot of geography facts to learn about the United States. This map quiz game is here to help. See how fast you can pin the location of the lower 48, plus Alaska and Hawaii, in our states game! If you want to practice offline, download our printable US State maps in pdf format.

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