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    What are the most dangerous cities in Florida?

    Where are the best beaches for shelling in Florida?

    What are the safest coastal cities in Florida?

    What is the best beach resort in Florida?

    • Families flock to Destin for its white sands, gorgeous Gulf waters and frequent sunshine. This Florida mainstay is one of the state's most affordable beach towns, though temperatures, visitor volume and room rates are at their highest in summer.
    • You'll be hard-pressed to find a place in Florida with quieter and calmer shores than Sanibel Island. Here, the pastime is "shelling" – collecting assorted, colorful seashells along the sand – rather than partying, which makes this beach town an excellent choice for families.
    • Clearwater Beach's gentle water and white sand attract relaxation seekers in droves. Following a few hours of swimming or lounging, beachgoers can play volleyball or go rollerblading or biking on the adjacent Beach Walk promenade.
    • Overflowing with golf courses, gourmet restaurants and boutique shops, Naples offers travelers an upscale Florida retreat. However, the luxury resorts and costly activities can make a Naples vacation quite expensive.
    • Water Quality
    • Marine Wildlife
    • Ocean Conditions
    • Flag System

    The ocean waters near Florida are monitored weekly by the Department of Health's Healthy Beaches Program. A log of the reports are kept on the department's website for beach visitors to reference before planning a day at the shore, and a warning is issued if the water's quality is not safe for swimming. In addition, periodic "red tides" occur along...

    Florida beaches are home to a range of ocean wildlife year-round. During most of the year, wildlife does not make the ocean unsafe to swim in, but periodic increases in marine life activity might warrant closing the beach to swimmers. Wildlife such as jellyfish, Portuguese man-of-war and stingrays are common in Florida waters and can harm swimmers....

    During dangerous weather conditions, such as a hurricaneor tropical storm, Florida beaches might be closed to swimmers to prevent injury. In addition, small areas of the water might be off limits periodically due to rip currents, powerful currents that can drag swimmers far out into the ocean and make returning to shore difficult.

    Florida has a statewide flag system to inform beach visitors of the current ocean safety conditions. In areas where the flags are flown, two red flags signal that the water is unsafe and closed to all swimmers, while a single red flag notes that the water conditions are hazardous and strong currents are present. Yellow flags signal moderate conditi...

    • Marco Island. While the name of this small place may sound exotic, this is actually a pretty homey spot to call your own. Whether it’s the close community, the pretty setting, or just the Florida weather, it’s hard to go wrong with Marco Island.
    • Parkland. Like our No. 1 place, and like all spots in our top 10, this Florida locale had no murders reported the year of our survey. Of course, that wasn’t the only standout score here.
    • Niceville. As we may have mentioned last time Niceville showed up on our safety list, this is indeed a nice place to be. Though times have changed, Niceville still easily made our top 10, due to some very strong scores, which included zero murders reported in 2013.
    • North Palm Beach. Okay, come on, who doesn’t want to live here? This little 12,352 person village is close enough to the big fun to be exciting and secluded enough to get away from it all.
    • Siesta Beach. Why Come Here: The world-famous white quartz sand and picturesque sunsets. Top Hotels: Tropical Beach Resorts | Hyatt Residence Club Sarasota.
    • Sanibel Island. Why Come Here: World famous shelling, small-town charm, local dining, and a peaceful atmosphere. Best Hotels: Sanibel Island Beach Resort | Sundial Beach Resort & Spa.
    • Clearwater Beach. Why Come Here: Tons of fun nightlife and activities, beautiful sunsets, and local artistry. Top Hotels: Wyndham Grand Clearwater Beach | Hilton Clearwater Beach Resort & Spa.
    • Santa Rosa Beach. Why Come Here: Its sugar-white sand beaches and outdoor adventures like hiking, biking, and birdwatching. Best Hotels: WaterColor Inn | Hibiscus Coffee and Guesthouse.
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