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    Standard Chinese, in linguistics known as Standard Northern Mandarin, Standard Beijing Mandarin or simply Mandarin, is a dialect of Mandarin that emerged as the lingua franca among the speakers of various Mandarin and other varieties of Chinese (Hokkien, Cantonese and beyond).

  2. Mandarin immersion school list | Mandarin Immersion Parents ... › full-mandarin-immersion

    May 03, 2021 · We are fortunate to have access to partial immersion elementary schools (lottery based), but I have heard progress is poor for Mandarin as the kids don’t speak enough to make real strides in fluency (especially relative to the full immersion Spanish and French language programs run by the county).

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    [page needed] As a result, Mandarin is now widespread throughout the country, including in regions where the language is not native. This language policy has proven to be largely successful, with about 70% of the Chinese population being about to speak Standard Mandarin as of the mid-2010s.

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    Nov 10, 2012 · If we talk about the percentage total then, in the whole world population, 14.1% people speak Mandarin. The main reason behind the large native speakers of Mandarin is the area of that country where this language spoken widely for example, china, the third largest country of the world and also is the biggest populated country of the world. 2.

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    The table below lists the official language of each country, if there is one, as well as other languages spoken. In selected countries, the percent of the population that speaks each language is also given. This covers all of the major recognized languages in each country.

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    Jan 20, 2021 · U.S.- children who don't speak English at home, by language spoken 1979-2018 Pakistani population by language 2017 Mechanical engineering in the United States - market size 2006-2020

  7. Why Mandarin Chinese is harder than you think › mandarin-chinese-harder-than

    Nov 04, 2019 · You can learn Mandarin Chinese That's nonsense of course. Naturally, if you're aiming for a very high level, it will take time, but I have met many learners who have studied for just a few months (albeit very diligently), and have been able to converse rather freely in Mandarin after that time.

  8. John Cena apologizes in Mandarin after calling Taiwan a country › news › article-9615969

    May 25, 2021 · He said, in Mandarin: 'Taiwan is the first country that can watch F9.' Chinese fans were irate that he referred to Taiwan as a country, and not part of China They flooded Weibo - where Cena has ...

  9. Which Languages Are Spoken In China? › en › magazine

    Apr 10, 2019 · Some of the key differences of Cantonese compared with Mandarin include its nine tones and much longer vowel length. Gan. Meanwhile, Gan dominates in many parts of western China. Over 41 million people speak some form of Gan, a distinctly different language from Mandarin and other Chinese varieties.

  10. British worst at learning languages | ESOL Nexus › content › learners

    62% of people surveyed can’t speak any other language apart from English. 38% of Britons speak at least one foreign language, 18% speak two and only 6% of the population speak three or more. The European Union average showed that 56% speak at least one foreign language, 28% speak at least two and 11% speak three or more.

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