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  1. “J aime” (French) in English is

    I like

  2. Mes précieux enfants, combien j'aime entendre vos prières. My precious children, how I love hearing your prayers. Ce sont des moments magiques que j'aime immortaliser en photos. These are magical moments that I enjoy capturing with photography. Bien qu'elle soit terrifiante, j'aime la circulation. I enjoy the traffic, although it is frightening.

  3. j'aime = en volume_up I like Translations Examples Translator Phrasebook open_in_new FR "j'aime" in English volume_up j'aime [example] EN volume_up I like volume_up j'aime me promener [example] EN volume_up I enjoy walking volume_up j'aime bien Paul [example] EN volume_up I like Paul volume_up j'aime l'opéra [example] EN volume_up I like opera

  4. aimer (s')vpr/récip. (d'amour) to be in love, to love each other. Ils s'aiment tendrement. They love each other dearly. (d'affection) ils s'aiment bien they like each other. littéraire (=faire l'amour) to make love. Translation French - English Collins Dictionary. See also: s'aimer, abîmer, animer, amer.

  5. J’aime is French for ‘I like’. Two words come together “Je (I) and the verb ‘Aimer’ (to like). When you conjugate Aimer, instead of Je aime you use J’aime because Je ends with a vowel and aime begins with a vowel also. You have to remove the vowel ‘e’ in Je and replace with an apostrophe (‘). Thus, you have ‘J’aime’.

  6. J’aimerais bien m’en aller. I’d like to go. j’aimerais mieux faire ... I’d rather do ... J’aimerais mieux ne pas y aller. I’d rather not go. J’aimerais mieux y aller maintenant. I’d rather go now. J’aimerais autant y aller maintenant. I’d rather go now. see also s’aimer Collins French-English Dictionary © by HarperCollins Publishers.

  7. je t'aime See Also in English love noun, verb amour, aimer, adorer, charité, passionner you pronoun toi, vous, tu, on, te I pronoun je, moi Nearby Translations je t'ai eu jetaient je t'ai dit je t'ai compris jetai je t'adore Je t'aime! je t'aime adieu je t'aime au revoir Je t'aime, au revoir je t'aime aussi je t'aime beaucoup Translate from French

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