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  1. (Central America) (Mexico) a. annoying ¡Ya déjame en paz! ¡No seas chingón!Leave me alone! Don't be so annoying! masculine or feminine noun 3. (slang) (vulgar) (competent person) (Mexico) a. beast (colloquial) Jonás es un chingón. Uno de los mejores bateristas de la ciudad. Jonas is a beast. He's one of the best drummers in town. b. badass

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    1. (Mexico, colloquial) Someone who is very smart, intelligent and can do things quickly. 2. (Mexico, colloquial, vulgar) Someone who likes to mess with people. 3. (Mexico, colloquial) Someone or something that is cool, awesome and very good.

    Automatically generated examples in Spanish: El “Burro” Van Rankin, Roberto Palazuelos y Julio César Chávez ofrecieron una rueda de prensa con motivo de su próximo show en teatro Los mandamientos de un hombre chingón ., 29 October 2021 Translate all examples using Google Translate

    Entries where "chingón" occurs: chingona: chingona (Spanish) Noun chingona (fem.) (pl. chingonas) Feminine noun of chingón chingones: chingones (Spanish) Noun chingones (masc. pl.) Plural of chingón chingonas: chingonas (Spanish) Noun chingonas (fem. pl.) Feminine plural of chingón chingonería: chingonería (Spanish) Origin & history From chingón+ -...

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    chingă(Romanian)Alternative formscingăOrigin &... chinh phục(Vietnamese)Origin & historySino-Vietnamese word... chinhu(Shona)Origin & historyFrom Proto-Bantu... chini(Italian)VerbchiniInflection of chinare... chiniamo(Italian)VerbchiniamoInflection of chinare... chiniamoci(Italian)VerbchiniamociInflection of chinarsi... chiniate(Italian)Verbchiniat...

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  3. Mar 12, 2006 · Chingon is a Mexican word used for multiple purposes, It comes from verb Chingar that can be used in several ways, Chingon means most than Nice, Cool, or Great, it's the same like said Fuckin' Great That Car is Chingon!! by Memo Cancun March 12, 2006 Get the Chingon mug. Advertise here for $5/day Chingon A real Bad-Ass.

  4. Answer (1 of 5): Welcome to the wonderful world of the Mexican word “chinga” and its many, many variants. This word has been compared to the English word “fuck” and its many uses, though, in my humble opinion, it tends to be even more versatile and, likewise, a bit harder to master.

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  6. Meaning of CHINGÓN. What does CHINGÓN mean? Information and translations of CHINGÓN in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. Login .

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