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      • July 1 – The United States Marine Corps take control of Santo Domingo.
      • July 1–12 – At least one shark mauls five swimmers along 80 miles (130 km) of New Jersey coastline during the Jersey Shore shark attacks of 1916, resulting in four ...
      • July 8–16 – Massive flooding caused by two hurricanes devastates western North Carolina.,hurricanes%20devastates%20western%20North%20Carolina.%20More%20items...
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  2. What Happened In 1916 - Historical Events 1916
    • 1st January » Germany known as German troops abandon Yaoundé and their Cameroon known as Kamerun colony to British...
    • 9th January » World War I: The Gallipoli Campaign called Battle of Gallipoli concludes with an Ottoman Empire victory...
    • 10th January » World War I: In the Erzurum Offensive, Russian Empire called Russia defeats the...
  3. Historical Events in 1916 - On This Day
    • Jan 1 1st issue of "Journal of Negro History" published
    • Jan 1 1st first blood transfusion using stored and cooled blood is performed
  4. What Happened in 1916 - On This Day

    Important Events in 1916. Jan 8 WWI: ANZAC forces withdraw from the Gallipoli Peninsula after Ottoman forces successfully defend access to Constantinople; Feb 21 World War I: Battle of Verdun begins with a German offensive, leads to an estimated 1 million casualties and becomes the longest battle of the entire war (9 months)

  5. What Happened In 1916 | Hisdates.Com

    Jan 08 In the year 1916 world War I: Allied forces withdraw from Gallipoli. Jan 09 On this day in history alain Bernardin, impressario (Crazy Horse Saloon) Jan 09 The Ottoman Empire prevails in the Battle of Çanakkale, as the last British troops are evacuated in the year 1916. Jan 10 Russian offensive in Kaukasus on this day in history.

  6. 1916 - Wikipedia

    July. Main article: July 1916. July 1 – November 18: Battle of the Somme between British and German. July 1 – November 18 – WWI: Battle of the Somme, opening with explosion of the British Y Sap mine and the Battle of Albert: More than one million soldiers die, with 57,470 British Empire casualties on the first day, 19,240 of them killed, the British Army's bloodiest day.

  7. World War 1 Timeline - 1916 - Historic UK

    Important events of 1916 during the third year of the First World War, including Field Marshal Lord Kitchener’s request for US military participation.

  8. Page 11: What Happened In 1916 | Hisdates.Com

    Jul 27 On this day in history charles Fryatt, British capt of SS Brussels, executed by Germans, dies Jul 28 David Brown, NYC, director (Jaws, Planet of the Apes) in the year 1916. Jul 28 On this day in history navy establishes a Code and Signal Section which initially worked against German ciphers and tested the security of communications during U.S. naval training maneuvers.

  9. 1916 in the United States - Wikipedia

    December December – Wilbur Sweatman records his hot ragtime for Emerson Records in New York City. December 5 – " Petticoat Revolution " in Umatilla, Oregon: 7 women successfully capture the mayorship and a majority of... December 31 The Hampton Terrace Hotel in North Augusta, South Carolina, one of ...

  10. What Happened In August 1916 - Historical Events 1916 August

    Historical Events for August, 1916 2nd » World War I: Austria-Hungary Austrian sabotage causes the sinking of the Italy Italian battleship 'Italian battleship Leonardo da Vinci Leonardo da Vinci' in Taranto.

  11. What Happened in March 1916 - On This Day

    Mar 1 Germany begins attacking ships in the Atlantic. Mar 8 US invades Cuba for 3rd time, this to end corrupt Menocal regime. Mar 9 Mexican General Francisco "Pancho" Villa invades US (18 killed) Mar 9 Germany declares war against Portugal. Mar 12 French airship mistakenly attacks and sinks British submarine D3 with loss of all hands.